Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break Fun Day 1-Bowling

Our good friends, the Goffs, invited us for a bowling playdate today. The plan was to meet at the bowling alley, but Melissa broke down with a flat tire on the way, so I just swung by and picked up her 3 oldest kids and headed to the bowling alley while she waited for her husband to rescue her. I loved freaking people out by walking into a building with 8 kids! I couldn't resist taking a photo of all the cute little bowling shoes lined up in a row.

I thought it was so cute how the boys were all flocking to Hope, teaching her to bowl for the first time! She has no idea what a lucky girl she is!

Everybody had a great time. Well....almost everybody!


Bethany said...

Aww I love that first pic! Look at you getting all nifty with your new cam!

Tim Rovenstine said...

She'll bowl someday, I'm sure.

Christine said...

THe picture of all the bowling shoes should be your new header! Love it!