Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Buddy Walk!!

We went to Buddy Walk on Saturday. Here are a few photos. I used to worry about how having a child/children with Down Syndrome would affect how people accepted us but I don't worry about that anymore.
 Justine and I couldn't resist taking a photo of all of our Reece's Rainbow kids in front of the Reece's Rainbow table. I love how Reece is peeking over their shoulders. Timothy came from Hong Kong earlier this year, and Joseph was Justine's Christmas Angel, before she knew he would be her neighbor right here in Oklahoma. Fascinating!

There were three young ladies with Down Syndrome up on the stage cheering alongside the cheerleaders. Sweet!

 Here are my two favorite buddies exchanging a kiss at the end of the day. What a fun time! Please join us next year!!


Roberta said...

He loves it and she loves to give it!! All because a family decided to give it to them!! Love this! Oma

Good Goats said...

great pics!

Anonymous said...

These photos are sooo precious.
What love this is!
Aunt Sharon

Alana said...

Please oh please oh please send me the picture of Joesph and Ava kissing. I have asked everyone to send me 2-3 pictures of the walk and I want this picture. Please, please, please.