Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Proudly introducing.....

Today I became an aunt again!

My sister and her husband have been foster parents for a long time. In the last couple of years, they have had to say many painful goodbyes. I have watched my sister endure tremendous grief and sadness over the loss of children, from her womb, and from the foster care system. My tender hearted niece has been heartbroken as well, and for a very long time, she has prayed that Jesus would give her a little sister..... (And if she couldn't have a sister, then she would take another brother instead!)

In January, Little Carlie Rose entered the Camacho's home as only the most recent in a long string of foster children that had needed temporary shelter.

Little did they know that just eight months later, they would be standing before a judge, promising to FOREVER love and nurture her, and care for her just in the same way as if she had been born to them biologically. Little did any of them know how much they would grow to love that little girl in such a short time,

and that SHE.......would be....

Evi's answered prayer.


Welcome to your wonderful family, Carlie!

John and I (and a few of the kids) were honored to get to be in the courtroom with them to share this special day. Marlita asked the attorney to draw up a "legal" document for the kids to sign, agreeing to the adoption. I don't know how 'legal' it really is, but the judge said they needed to frame it and put it in their rooms......and when their new little sister gets into their stuff, they will look up at the framed document and it will remind them to be patient and understanding with her. So cute. :) This was my absolute favorite part of the day. Those kids were absolutely beaming with pride and joy!

Lots of tears were shed.....Happy tears.

And then we all got to go out for pizza afterwards to celebrate. What a fun day that I will certainly never forget. We are so blessed to have Carlie in our family!

And this last picture has absolutely nothing to do with the adoption ceremony...But it was so darn cute I had to include it! Don't you agree?