Monday, April 13, 2009

Meet Nelly

Meet our newest family member, Nelly. Nelly is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever whose people both worked full time and didn't have much time to devote to her. She stayed in a crate every day all day and was just needing a place where she could be...well, you know.....a dog. We felt like we needed to give it a week or so trial period before committing, so we told the kids that we were just dog-sitting for the week. We knew Nelly belonged here when, on the last day of "dog-sitting", everyone was in tears and not wanting to say good-bye to her. Welcome home, Nelly. The really cool thing was that the end of the trial period fell on Liesel's birthday, so I put a bow on her head and called her the grand finale gift.

She is such a cool dog! She knows all kinds of tricks, loves to chase her tail and play fetch and jump in the pond. She seems really, really happy here and we like her a lot.

In case anyone on either side of the family is wondering, no we did not name her after any of the grandmothers, great aunts, cousins, or any of the other Nelly's or Nell's in the family. She was Nelly when she came to us, and we just decided Nelly was what she was going to stay. I hope nobody is offended. :)


adoptyaroslav said...

Welcome home, Nelly! I love Chesapeake Bay retrievers. Wish I had one, but with a Rott/Dobie mix, two yellow labs, a pit bull mix and two kitties, there's just no room in the house or the budget. I really loved the cow on the porch, too.


Anonymous said...

We have a very well loved Chesi for several years. They are odd dogs. They look friendly like labs but they are one family dogs. They are very protective.
Ours also does not bite, does not snap, ever ever ; but he does growl a lot. It is more like communication to him.

Janell & Kenny said...

This Nell is not offended I think its quite cute! :)