Monday, January 25, 2010

My Valentine...

Thanks to all of your help in selecting a sweetheart to advocate for this Valentine's season. The winner is Anya in Eastern Europe....nominated by...Anonymous. Who are you, Anonymous? Anya is almost two years old and is diagnosed with arthrogryposis. She is affected in both her arms and legs, making her immobile and bedridden at this time. :(((

Imagine what corrective surgery, therapy, and the love of a family could do for her.

Isn't she scrumptious????

So here's how it will work. On Valentine's Day I am going to be randomly drawing a name out of the hat to determine the winner of a $100 gift card to Target. (Everybody loves Target, right?) A $10 donation counts for one chance to win, $20 counts for two chances, etc. If you put a link to this post on Facebook or on your blog, tell me you did, and it will count an extra chance. Does that make sense?

Let's see if we can raise $1,000 for dear, sweet Anya! Just click on the ChipIn button, it is really easy and it goes straight to Reece's Rainbow.


Amy said...

Great idea!
What a sweetie!

Valerie said...

YAY! I am so glad that you chose Anya! She is such a sweetheart with SO much potential. If anyone is interested in learning more about arthrogryposis or adopting a child with arthrogryposis they can visit my blog:

bence.danielle said...

What an wonderful idea. You and your family are such and inspiration!

Shannon said...

oh gosh--please e-mail me if a family comes forward to adopt this little girl--one of our best buddies from VN has the same diagnosis and her mom is an expert and would be a great resource for the family--the little girl is amazing! And it is incredible what surgery etc. can do!