Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Start Of A New Week - Beautiful Sunday

I began the weekend with an intestinal virus on Friday night late. I was much better by Saturday evening. Liesel and I went to the store to get Ice Cream and Sprite. The "Delight" store next to our apartment is pricey, so we skipped on the ice cream.

This morning, Sunday, we went to see the kids. It was HOT and HUMID, although not as hot as Tulsa. But, no air conditioning, on hot metros, makes it tough. Liesel and Heather were great, never complaining. We all drank a 2 liter of water on the 20 min subway ride to Doug Stoddard's house. We had lunch with him and part of his family. His wife Suzie and their two older sons are back in the states for a few days. But we had fun with Benjamin, Megan, Doug and Petro(sp?). Great Pizza. Thank you Doug for the fun time.

Doug is part of an amazing work here, helping children that are phasing out of the orphanage get good life skills training. He is building a home called the SmileHouse. I hope to go before I leave so I can take photos and blog about it. It is one of the things that is closest to God's heart. Doug and his family are truly CARING for orphans. I hope to post more things about what he is doing soon.

Heather taught us a "new to us" fun card game called speed. Liesel beat the pants off of me several times. Heather is amazingly fast at it.

Well, tomorrow is shaping up to be the final finish line week here. Here is my updated Time Line / Task List:

20100801 SUN - See kids and rest, lunch with Doug and family
20100802 MON - US Embassy, 1st appointment, Pick up Passports
20100803 TUE - Get kiddos, get medicals, on to US Embassy for 2nd appointment with kiddos
20100804 WED - Pick up kids, say good byes to wonderful nanny's and director
20100805 THU - Come Home...

This might change, I'll keep you posted. If you want to watch our progress on our travel day, turn to my quick post "man blog" and follow us:

I'll be updating it if Apple can fix the iPhone OS 4.0.1 in time. Its stuck on NO data mode now, can't turn it on. Over and out.



Lisa (DanielsMommy) said...

You are almost to the finish line! I am one to always remember dates....and I wanted to share with you that we always celebrate Aug 5 as it was the day my son's life with saved with his open heart surgery back in 2005. I am so happy to hopefully share our joy of that day with your family as you finally leave the Ukraine with the 2 special lives you both saved on that very day. I will pray everything goes according to plan and we are rejoicing on Aug 5th.

Anonymous said...

Such a sweetheart. You have a man-blog but you still keep up with your wife's girly blog. Thanks. I've been checking both!