Thursday, July 29, 2010

Major Progress...

We submitted the paperwork for 2 passports today. We received the tax number for both kids.

It was a grueling day. 4 hours in a cab with 5 children. One benefit of the day was that we were able to be with Sherry White and her kiddos. So, 4 adults(counting Liesel), and 5 kids in a 5 sit Skoda. I nice Skoda I might add. Sherry, we love you! You are an amazing lady! Its been so nice to have you here with us walking through the process together.

The stress began when Zoya decided to pull, push, inspect, stress test every knob, handle feature of Nico's, "FOR SALE" vehicle. His cab is in TOP condition. After ripping the elastic head rest, I decided it was time to exit the cab for the playground with both kids.

Here, on the playground, I found out an interesting fetish with Joseph. He loves dirt and sand. In his nice new cloths for the passport photo, he laid down in the sand face first and licked it! That boy loves DIRT and WATER. I guess they each cancel the other out. I don't mind.

Playgrounds here are dangerous. I might blog about the playground and how they violate just about every safety law known in the US.

We arrived at 1pm, just in time for their lunch hour. Lunch is from 1-2 for government offices. The follow it religiously. So, we waited. Walked. Shoulder rides. Playground. Kicked bottles.... Zoya would be a great soccer player.

We were finally called in for photos at 4pm. I child at a time. Zoya and Joseph both were reaching for cameras, umbrellas(for light), pens, papers. All with scowling ladies who didn't seem to have any desire for children in their office. But they were gracious and got us through quick.

After this, we dropped the kids off back at the orphanage. If you ask why we don't take custody of them now, there are many reasons. The number one reason is I do not want to disrupt their systems before our long trip home. I want everything to stay stable until the night before. This way, we are home to break them in. Kiev is not a place for special needs kids. It is not really kid friendly at all. Its really a bit dangerous. So, we'll keep them safe and sound at the orphanage until the day before we leave.

Anyway, we made great progress today. Nico said, these were 2 big things we got done. Now, we wait. Maybe Passport Monday, Medicals and US Embassy Tuesday-Wednesday. Leave Thursday. Maybe.

These photos were the highlight of our day! Aren't they darling! We hope you enjoy them as much as we did making them!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for BIG STEPS.


Anonymous said...

You do have an amazingly mature daughter to help you out with entertaining and managing the newbies. What a delight Leisel is.
You must be exhausted with all the waiting, and running back and forth, and I know you can't wait to get everyone under one roof soon. What patience you've exhibited through all of this. Love and prayers to each of you thru the remainder of the process. You've done amazing, John.
Lots of love,
Aunt Sharon

Cammie Heflin said...

SOOO cute! So thankful you have Heather and Liesel to help!

Shelly said...

Man just reading all that wore me out! Two little ones in any car is a chore but a tiny little cab! That had to be very interesting! I'm praying everything else goes smooth and you are home soon. I can't wait till soccer so we can see you all together!! :)

Deb D. said...

Love the photos! Zoya is such a pretty, pretty little girl. Joseph's zest for life bursts from his face. Loved the story of how he lay in the dirt and licked it. :-) He is going to believe he has gone to heaven when he arrives home. I think maybe God gave you the farm knowing he was coming to your family. :-) Maybe one week from today you'll all be on your way. AMAZING!

Bethany said...

Adorable passport photos! Yeah, that means they are going home soon. They are so sweet.

thedickinsonfamily said...

You are getting closer...almost home. What an exciting adventure you are on. The kids smiles make it ALL worth it.

JennyH said...

Those pictures melt my heart. They are both so darling.

One more BIG step closer!