Thursday, July 22, 2010

Adoption Question #6 Why do people choose international adoption when there are children right here in the U.S. who need families?

Well I can only speak for myself on this one but I know everybody has their own reasons for choosing international vs. domestic adoption and vice versa.

We actually started out with the intent of doing a domestic adoption. As we began to make phone calls and take classes (Remember the wrong classes we took because of a miscommunication between departments?), we started realizing that our family was really considered too big by most standards to be seriously considered for domestic adoption. There was a particular boy we inquired about, only to find out that there had already been over 100 inquiries about him. We were told to go ahead and fill out the paperwork, to start the classes all over again, and just hope that we would be picked. Instead we opted to go the international route, and discovered Reece's Rainbow with all the many faces waiting to be adopted.

Pros and cons of international vs. domestic adoption:

International adoption:
-Sometimes less expensive than private domestic adoption
-Get to travel, experience a new culture
-Less chance of failed adoption

-Usually older and special needs children
-Less medical and family history available
-No birth family contact
-Unknowns of culture, adoption process, language, etc.
-Institutionalized children sometimes exhibit institutional behavior

Domestic private adoption:
-Healthy newborns available
-Full medical and family history
-Birth family contact encouraged

-greater chance of 'failed adoption' usually because mother changes her mind
-adoptive parents must meet the criteria of the birth family.
-sometimes takes longer as you have to wait to be picked by birth family

Adoptions through child welfare:
-inexpensive or free
-state benefits for adopted kids such as health care and college scholarships

-can be very slow and difficult
-relatives can suddenly claim the child, even if they have been absent for years

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