Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beautiful Tuesday

My brain is constantly calculating our return date...

20100722 THU - Arrive Kiev
20100723 FRI - Got Zoya's Birth Cert
20100724 SAT -
20100725 SUN -
20100727 TUE - Submit Birth Cert Doc for Joseph
20100728 WED - Pick up Birth Cert, Submit for Tax ID's
20100729 THU - Pick up Tax ID, Submit for Passports
20100730 FRI - Wait day 1 for passport
20100731 SAT -
20100801 SUN -
20100802 MON - Wait day 2 for passport
20100803 TUE - Pick up passports
20100804 WED - US Embassy + Medicals
20100805 THU - Come Home...

This is why...

Over and out. More great updates tomorrow. JU


Anonymous said...

Love the Zoya-hug picture. Makes me all teary eyed.


Anonymous said...

When do you take custody of the children?


Tim Rovenstine said...

These are precious times you are living. GET ALL YOU CAN, AND CAN ALL YOU GET.

Anonymous said...

Can you have custoday of the children now? When we adopted Joey in 2007 we got custody of him when the 10 days was up and he just went with us to the appointments. Can't you do that?

By the way, I LOVED the series of pictures of Joseph running toward you. I share that with everyone I can think of, and sometimes I just sit and look at them and cry with happiness for him, for all of you!

Mary Stolz from RR

June Berger said...

I'm so excited for you all to be together soon! The kids are just dolls!! What a homecoming they will have! They don't know the love that awaits them!

the Gower Fam said...

So so precious!!!

MoonDog said...

I heard they are making appointments now for visas and it has to be a 2 day process. but maybe you turned all that in already? cant wait for you guys to come home. anxious to see pics of your whole family all together.

Shelly said...

Such awesome photos! I love it!! I hope you come home soon :)

Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

How funny! My husband was constantly calculating dates for my return and it drove me nuts! We had court yesterday here in Simferopol. I know what day the decree will be ready and I'll take it from there. I can't bear to think any further ahead.

Best wishes! Your new children are lovely!!!!

Anonymous said...

What awesome emotional photos you shared. Those kids are going to enjoy more love than they could ever imagine. Thank you for sharing this whole journey.

Love to you all,
Aunt Sharon

Christine said...

What great baby photos!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures brought me to tears, I know I've said it before, but I can't say it enough, you are truly an amazing family!! I've been following your blog since Ava, and enjoy your family so much, you are all such an inspiration. I hope the times goes fast and that you'll soon all be at home together.
Debbie S