Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Half the summer

A couple of people have asked about Joseph's and Zoya's sizes. The short answer is..I don't know.

I didn't bring a measuring tape with me and I've tried to look at their tags but most of the tags are cut out, and the clothes at the orphanage just get passed around from kid to kid anyway, no matter the size or gender. If I was going to guess, I'd guess Joseph is a 4t and Zoya is a 2/3t. She is so, so skinny but she is probably an average height I'd guess.

I've had a couple of people ask about our needs.  Joseph has plenty of clothes waiting for him at home that were hand-me-downs from his cousin. However I don't remember there being a bathing suit in the lot, Lisa Comella! :) Honestly at this point Zoya has no clothes as we always pass things on rather than try to hang on to them. Since Zoya was a "bonus" and we did not necessarily plan for her, we will gladly take any hand-me-downs. Please, please do not buy us anything new but we will glady accept used clothes. Thanks! We will be hitting the Goodwill when we get home. The best store ever! (By the way leave it to me to find a Ukrainian version of Goodwill here in Kiev. But ours back home is cheaper).

Five weeks is an awfully long time for parents to be away from their children and children to be away from parents if you ask me. If you're feeling sorry for John and me or their caretakers, then go right ahead.

But if you're feeling sorry for our kids back home, feel sorry no more! Here's what their summer has looked like:


Julia said...

Two cute babes sitting in a swing together!! Sweet! So sorry we are going to miss seeing you guys...

Julie said...

The kids look like they are having a good time! I'm sure you all can't wait to be together again.

Lisa Comella said...

Awww, I can't wait to see Joseph in his new bathing suit!! Promise me you'll post a pic of him in it playing with the hose!!! I'll be sure to reciprocate and send one of Daniel too :). I will also be honored to send Zoya some clothes!! Next time you're on FB, send me your address or email me. Lots of love from my family to yours!!

Anonymous said...

Yes. Send the address and I'll see what I have. Like you, I've sent many things on but there may still be some things around.

Oh yeah, have fun getting the kids back into the Urban routine!

Have a safe trip!


Anonymous said...