Monday, July 5, 2010

Meet Hannah

Two and a half years ago, while we were here in Kiev finishing up our adoption of Ava, I received an email from my good friend Delahne whom I had known since nursing school many moons ago. She said they had clicked on a link on my blog which led them to Reece's Rainbow, which led them to a little brown eyed girl that her family had all fallen in love with, and that they had started the process to adopt her. Here is that little 3 year old girl from way back then:
An adoption that was supposed to take 4 months has turned into 2 1/2 years and it has been a very long and trying journey for all of them.

But I am SO pleased to announce that today at noon in the little country of Republic of Georgia, little Hannah finally became a Wright! Please join me in welcoming Hannah into the Wright family. Click here to see their blog. They have all waited so long for each other and it brings happy tears to my eyes to know they are together at last!

And the best part is, we are neighbors and we only live about 5-10 minutes from each other and we can babysit and have play dates and kid swaps. I am already making plans for Zoya and Hannah to be BFF!


JennyH said...

Awe! Glad she got home. 2 1/2 year? what a wait!

thedickinsonfamily said...

I'm so glad that they never gave up on her. What a journey they have been on. I pray the Lord blesses their commitment to her abundantly. What a testimony of His faithfulness to them all. Thanks for the amazing update, an answer to many prayers.

Anonymous said...

When are your kids going home from Oma and Opa's house in Mexico?
I'm sure you are so very homesick to see them all soon. I wouldn't be a bit surprised that the waiting period is waived, like it was with Ava. Wouldn't that be great?
Love you all,
Aunt Sharon

Charissa said...

Aunt Sharon, I think they should be there on Thursday, and we will be there Saturday night. Yay! Yes we miss them terribly!

Delahne said...

Thanks for sharing our joy, Charissa. It's been so good to have a friend like you to share this journey with. Now lets get home to celebrate together!