Friday, July 2, 2010

For Heather

Zoya is OBSESSED with jewelry.
And shoes.
Big shoes.
Heh heh. 
FYI, I 'only' wear a size 8 but don't they look like size 12s on her?

Today when we arrived for our visit we met this college student who regularly volunteers his time playing with the children here. He was teaching Zoya how to draw a horse. Aww!
If I had a single niece who was planning on visiting Ukraine I might want to try to introduce them. Oh, wait. 

Since we've been here two weeks longer than we anticipated I was in desperate need of a haircut. Today we wandered into a hair salon. Nobody there spoke english but I decided it was worth taking a risk. It was pretty hilarious doing sign language trying to show how I wanted highlights and a cut. Somehow we managed. What do you think of my Ukrainian haircut?
And I'm not the only one who got a haircut today. Doesn't my boy look handsome?? :) Man I wish he could share some of his thick hair with Ava!


Anonymous said... awesome that he volunteers. what a cool guy!

Little Zoya is Little!!!

You'll be home before you know it and have lots to keep you busy while you wait.


Marlita said...

I can't wait to meet Zoya and Joseph!

Larsen Family said...

I say you are truly one brave woman to get your hair cut in Ukraine. But it looks great. :)

Can't wait to meet them; they are precious.

Julia said...

You are BRAVE!! Both haircuts look great!

Amy...who wanted 4. said...

The biggest thing I left this post with is OH MY GOSH Zoya is sooo little and skinny!!! Get that baby home and fatten her up!

BTW, haircut looks great!

Faith said...

You look like a beautiful Ukranian gal with that haircut!

No wonder you blended in so well on the street and they wanted to sell you English instructionals!


JennyH said...

Love the new 'dos! Zoya is skinny!

What a great guy for him to volunteer his time like that.

Beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

Charissa, the story about the college student who volunteers at the orphanage gave me goosebumps - and hope for Ukraine's future. That is extremely unusual there, as you know, but makes me think that perhaps a younger generation will improve the perceptions of orphans in Ukraine! And your haircut/highlights are FAB! Personally, I have always had awesome haircuts in Ukraine. They know their stuff! They are all about glam and beauty! Haha. So happy for you that things are moving along! Love from Nebraska - Kelly