Friday, July 16, 2010

FAQs about Adoption

While I wait for our two newest blessings to join our family I thought I would open up this blog to questions about adoption. I know that everyone is not called to adoption and that it must seem pretty bizarre to most people that we would intentionally bring children of different races from another country with disabilities and ailments into our family. So I thought I would do a couple of posts about adoption and try to answer a few of the questions we have been asked directly or indirectly. I'll write each answer in a separate post so I can spread it out over a few days and so it won't be too long. Feel free to ask away. 

Starting with the most frequently asked question about adoption.

Question #1:
"Did you hear about the Russian boy that was sent back to Russian on an airplane by his adoptive mother?"

Answer: "Yes. Yes, I did". 

ha ha Seriously. Almost every person we tell our news to seems to respond with that question. 


Larsen Family said...

I won't ask a question, just say. "if your crazy, then I'm crazy too." :)

Our little girl looks nothing like us and when she doesn't have her cochlear processor on, she can't hear a thing. But, she is ours and it doesn't matter to anyone other than us. :)

Just thought I would share.

MoonDog said...

everyone asks us if that will affect our adoption. they dont seem to understand the geography of eastern europe.