Monday, July 26, 2010

Beautiful Monday...

Liesel and I ventured out to the orphanage today. Heather is about to catch up from jet lag. She also wanted to stay back and rest up for her big afternoon. I'll let her tell about that on her facebook page.

We learned we have another step we didn't know about, so here are the steps:

step 1 - get court decree - 90% complete
step 2 - birth certificates - 50% complete
step 3 - get taxid - 0% complete
step 4 - file for passports - 0% complete
step 5 - us embassy and visa paperwork - 0% complete
step 6 - get on plane and come home


Today: See J&Z, Nothing, birth certificate office is closed
Tuesday: Joseph's birth certificate and start tax ID paperwork
Wednesday: Pick up tax ID and submit documents for passports
Thursday: See J&Z, wait
Friday: Maybe pick up passports, US Embassy is closed
Saturday-Sunday: See J&Z, relax and wait.. uggh


Monday: J&Z, Submit documents to US Embassy
Tuesday: US Embassy interview and get travel documents
Wednesday: Go HOME!

Pictures from today...



MoonDog said...

funny you signed it JU. My grandfather signed everything JU. his name was John Udovich. we even called him JU. sounds like you have the same hurry up and wait we (both of us)had during the adoption process. I was hoping for a faster turnaround. hopefully you get out of there soon! maybe I will see you when I get there. but I hope you will be home by then!

Janell & Kenny said...

Thanks JU for keeping me posted on the whats and whens! I was just asking KU about the time line! too funny. And HU has other things on her mind! TOO FUNNY how everyone communicates different. I got to talk to CU on the phone about CC and CC. All is well! They are coming to visit us this coming weekend. Love it!!

JennyH said...

Hope all goes as planned! So what day are you picking them up forever? Can't wait to see those pictures!

Robin said...

praying for you all, you guys are on my mind all the time. I am so happy for those babies that they get to be part of your family.

Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

Wow, that building looks really clean...and Makes my boys' orphanage look like a dump. Hope you get the paperwork rolling in the right direction.