Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our daily routine

We have been here four weeks and have finally received word this morning that we got the "good judge"...Praise God....and that we 'should', 'maybe', hear tomorrow about our court date. So we will be sure and keep you informed.

Meanwhile, here are a few photos (some of which I stole from the internet), which document our daily routine.

Every morning at about 8:30 we walk about a mile to the McDonalds by the main metro station. So you know, this is only a picture stolen off the internet which explains why the people are wearing coats and not summer clothes. In fact it isn't even the real McDonalds but a random Ukrainain McDonalds that I googled.

And we meet the Whites, who are also here adopting and are on about the same time schedule as we are. The Whites got the good judge too by the way, so you can rejoice with them as well! :)
We walk to the Metro, not to be confused with the Women's bathroom, which starts with an "M" looking character but is not really an M.

We buy 2 blue tokens for 1.7 grivnas each, which is the equivalent of about 50 cents per person round trip to and from the orphanage. We put our tokens in the slot and ride down a very, very long-like the longest escalator I have ever seen escalator-about 8-10 stories deep---into the ground.

You will notice these lit up signs everywhere. These are ads that we are forced to see every day. Here is an ad for example for what I assume is a bridal store or diamond store. Something about this advertisement gives me the creeps but I can't quite put my finger on what it is.

We shove our way onto the metro. I learned from experience that if it is really crowded, it is important to make sure you have your arms around the right guy, if you know what I mean. Ooops.

The orphanage is about 7 stops away so the metro is a great place for people-watching. It is fun to watch teenagers, babushkas, lovers, old men, and peddlers who sell anything from aspirin (I think) to bandaids, to flowers, to CDs. One guy was trying to sell me a CD to teach me how to speak english. How funny is that. We have seen people with dogs, a man with a monkey, see-through clothing. One day we saw a woman get her shoe stuck and then unstuck in the door. We saw a man hobbling on crutches asking for money, with his feet severely turned in, but once he got off the metro his feet miraculously turned straight again! John wasn't fooled but he sure fooled me!

We cross the Dnieper river where sometimes we see interesting sunbathers on the beach.

On the very last stop of the metro, we get out and walk about 1/2 mile to the orphanage where of course we play with the children during visiting hours.

When visiting hours are over, we go back home and eat lunch of most commonly ham sandwiches and chips, or pasta. Today I made homemade salsa which John is enjoying a lot with a Ukrainian version of tortilla chips.

 We wait for some kind of news from our facilitator about court or any other interesting adoption development.

Then John works while I socialize on the internet, research homeschool curriculum, take a nap, read a book, etc.
It's been such a blessing to have other adoptive parents in town to meet up with for dinner. One evening we ordered pizza and had everyone over for a game of cards.

Then we enjoy this beautiful sight from our 15th floor apartment before we go to bed.
So we can get up in the morning and start it all over again...


Michelle Z said...

That ad IS creepy!

I'm heading back over on Sunday ... will you still be there?! Or will you go home for a while?

Congrats on getting a good judge - hopefully you'll hear more good news ASAP!

Charissa said...

We should be here! Looking forward to it.

ukraine09 said...

Yay on the "good" judge - is it a lady do you know? We had a woman judge and she seemed very nice and we had no problems.

Wow, the metro experience is new to me. Maybe I'll get to try it out when I'm there. We took a cab to and from the orphanage 2 times each day. Mostly because in the beginning Morgan was with us (5 at the time) and we didn't think she could do all the walking involved in the metro. Then after her and Joe left I had been spoiled by the cab, so I just kept doing that.

I think it's the guy in the ad that is really creepy, he sort of has a David Bowe/vampire/I don't know what look to him.


Amy...who wanted 4. said...

It's the dude.
The dude in the add is what's creepy.
He looks like a young, frosted Steven Tyler from Aerosmith.

Charissa said...

Jaime-Yes, it's the lady judge! And the creepy dude on the metro ad. I think he looks like Planet of the Apes, personally.

Julia said...

THANKS FOR SHARING! Of course our experience will probably be much different... Not sure if you guys will still be hanging out when we get there - July 14... Can't wait, can't wait... but have so much to do before we come. If you are researching Homeschooling curriculum - check out BiblioPlan!! Website is boring - drives me crazy - program is great for families with multiple kids. I've just spent the last 3 years of my life slaving over it and it actually is a good program! Even if I do say so myself!

Wendy :) said...

SO excited you got the GOOD judge. Praying you get a date ASAP!!
Ok the guy looks like half planet of apes and half Michael Jackson!!Ha!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Amy. I immediately thought, "Steven Tyler". Best of luck!
Alycia, Mom of fka/Sasha from Izmayil

jennifer... said...

I'm thanking the Lord for our answered prayer!

Deb D. said...

That was SO FUN!
Thank you, Charissa, for taking us on a day with you, especially complete with pics. Cool!
The ad . . . I'm thinking it is the zombie-looking female-looking guy and the girl who looks like she is half dead, too. Ug.
Delighted for you (and the Whites) that you got the "good judge"! Yay, the favor of God. Maybe you'll be home sooner than you thought. And the kids will be united with their fab-u-lous (!) siblings.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Ground Hog Day???? I hope it changes soon. Glad you got the good judge. Hope you get a quick date too!

The guy is creepy. Is he really a guy or ????? Not sure.


Anonymous said...

Are you in Moscow? I LOVED our time there!

Charissa said...

We're in Kiev! Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Charissa and John,
I loved the photo tour. It really is pretty over the bridge and from your 15th floor apt. Nice Metro, too. These photos will be cherished some day when you show your new 'kids' where they lived prior to coming 'home' to their forever family.
I love you both, and thank you for the great blogs..
Love always, Aunt Sharon

MoonDog said...

you think he is creepy cus he is a vampire!