Monday, July 26, 2010

My Saturday

On Saturday I promised the kids that if they would help me mow the grass and get the porch cleaned up we would buy and set up a little Walmart blow up pool.

They did a fabulous job, so we went to Walmart, bought a pool and a pump, and got it all the way home and halfway filled with air AND water before we realized one of the caps was missing from the box. I called Walmart and they said  no problem, just bring the receipt in and they would take a cap out of one of the other pools and replace it.

So we cleaned the car out real quick and ran to Walmart. Only to realize that we had just thrown the receipt away when we cleaned out the car. Went back home, dug through the trash can, and returned to Walmart with the receipt in hand.

Only to find out Walmart is totally out of pool supplies and will not be getting any more in this summer. They looked on their computer though and found another Walmart across town that had 3 pools still. Drove across town.

Only to find out that there was an error in their system, and that they actually have NO pool supplies either.

So we went miniature golfing instead.


Anonymous said...


Love it!


Deb D. said...

I would not have been a happy Wal-Mart customer!

The Spicer Family said...

I almost choked from laughing at that! It's not funny, but it is! Poor Urban really do need John, don't you?

Cammie Heflin said...

What happened to your big pool?

Charissa said...

Well we never put it up since we knew we'd be gone most of the summer. And now John isn't here to set it up. So a $20 Walmart one was going to have to suffice. or not.

Stephanie said...


Totally have had days like that!

MoonDog said...

what is walmart doing to make it right? do not let them get away with doing nothing! you paid for a WHOLE pool kit not part of one!
you could look online and maybe you could find one there? or make your own makeshift? or you could just bring the kids up here and they can just swim in the lake. except after this week I wont be here. I will be in Ukraine eating squid chips and squishing roaches

Melissa Mc said...

I am sure you could contact the manufacturer and they would send you one. We have had to do that before.

Anonymous said...

Wow, was your patience tested!
LOL....Well, it had to have gotten funny after so many attempts.
Love you
Aunt Sharon