Monday, July 5, 2010

Zoya and Joseph

Zoya and Joseph are pretty much oblivious to each other still.

She is all girl...loves to try on my shoes and jewelry, and Sherry's shoes and jewelry. And trade hats with little Jessa. She enjoys passing out cookies to everybody and is very very sweet and loves to blow kisses and give hugs.
Joseph on the other hand is very much all boy, and loves jumping on people, being tossed around, being chased, and being hung upside down. Isn't amazing how God makes little boys little boys, and little girls little girls, no matter what country they live in and no matter whether they've had mommies or daddies?

Our daily visits are fun but we are definitely ready to be on our own turf, making our own rules. I will be so glad to bathe them and dress them in clothes that are cute and that fit and match.

Clothes that don't have numbers written in magic marker to identify which groupa they belong to.

And shoes. This girl won't believe how many pairs of shoes are waiting for her at home!

I wasn't sure at first but now I am absolutely certain that Joseph understands we are here to take him away from this place. And he is so ready!!


soontobemomof9 said...

Even though they may not quite get it.... Their hearts always yearn got what's beyond the gate don't they?! They are both so cute and I will be praying time passes quickly as you wait to finally bring them home!

Merany :) said...

I love it! :) I absolutely adore how Joseph's hats are always crooked!!! :) He's so stinkin adorable. Those kids couldn't be more opposite but are destined to be brother and sister. I know y'all are ready to get home with them! Praying it happens quickly! :)

Gretchen said...

You have been there so long and I can't wait for you to be on your own turf. Hang in there. As you know, when you are home, you are soooo home and that time in EE is just a passing moment.

Julie said...

Great pictures!!!! : )

Anonymous said...

Love the pics, especially of Joseph with his legs draped over the railing. What cool kids you have!!


JennyH said...

Love the pictures. Joseph just melts my heart. Zoya sounds SO sweet and caring.

I bet they will be in shock next week and until John returns for them. I hope somebody keeps telling them he will be back and they get to go HOME soon.

Lisa Comella said...

Oh he knows...he knows he will be going home with you. My Daniel is 5, a bit younger than Joseph...but he would understand for sure what was going on. Joseph knows...and he can't WAIT :)....and neither can we. We will continue to pray and wait for pics from Gotcha day!!! Pls post their sizes, because I want to send Zoya a dress with NO magic marker...and I'd love to send Joseph a bathing suit...because ever since you posted the pic of him with the hose, I can't look at my son Daniel playing with the hose without thinking of Joseph. I want to send him a bathing just like Daniels so they can each play with their garden hoses int their bathing suits to their hearts content!!

Adeye said...

I absolutely cannot wait to see them home, friend.

They are both ADORABLE!!!

MoonDog said...

who is that guy hanging Joseph upside down? it cant be John because he doesnt have his computer bag or smart phone! they will do so great once you get them home. we too are tired of being here and being under the watchful eye but it seems the watchful eye is less and less, as in we end up watching the ENTIRE GROUPA! lol. ps yes we are flying out 5am sat morn, you too??? seeyou friday! cant wait! tell Sherry and Morgan to save Friday night to go out with us all!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pics of Joseph waiting by the gate! How your heart must heart to know you can't walk out with them quite yet!!
Sooo glad to see your kids back home are having such a wonderful time!!
*Tammy (RR)