Thursday, July 22, 2010

Adoption Question #7 Shouldn't children be raised in their own culture?

It is my opinion that children should absolutely be raised in their own culture when at all possible. Sometimes however there is no place in a culture for orphans, and therefore the children end up raising themselves on the streets as beggars, drug addicts and prostitutes. Some cultures send their handicapped children to institutions where many die because of the poor conditions. While I most certainly believe in the importance of culture, I believe family trumps culture, and therefore as a last resort for children with no family and no chance of being adopted domestically, I support international adoption. I think it is important for adoptive parents to maintain their adopted children's culture as best as they can.


JuliAnn said...

I have been reading your blog for a couple months now, a friend of the Zoromski's... anyway, I just thought I would point out here that culture is learned behavior, and Joseph and Zoya will now learn new behavior from their new family and their "culture" will be this truly awesome interwoven blanket of life experiences. We live in times where the lines of his/her culture just are so much more transparent than ever... isn't it great?

Thanks for sharing your journey, I have been mesmerized. Hoping you will all be reunited, home, soon.

Maria and Family said...

I agree. yup. ;)