Sunday, November 25, 2012

Family times

These two unlikely cousins are pretty fond of each other.

At least most of the time.

Simeon is such a good sport. He was in charge of managing the little ones while we took the following photo:

The grandmas with the girls....

The grandmas with the boys...I love that Simeon wanted to sit on Grandma's lap and that Grandma was OK with it.

And the grandmas with the big boys and the little boys...(I'm pretty sure Juan is checking his fantasy football status)

It's been so fun to have the grandmas here! We will miss them when they both head home tomorrow. One to Old Mexico and the other to New Mexico.
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Leah S. said...

What a beautiful family! And I haven't seen pics of Zoya in awhile. She looks like maybe she's gained some weight?

Deb D. said...

Wow! The kids have really grown! Zoya looks like she is filling out some. Yay! Simeon is a young MAN ! So handsome, and such kind eyes. Miss Ava is certainly taller as is Hope. Wow. One can always see the passage of time with the change in children.

Thanks for the photos!