Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kenneth McCullough - My Grandad

My grandad!  He sure taught me a lot of really important things in life, like, how to play! We called him Bampa. Bampa and Kaka, my grandmother, loved to fish for crappie! They took me on occasion when they got older to help them load/unload the boat and do some of the harder tasks. Bampa would have to get into a boat at 75+ years old, and many times there would be a giant step from a rock to the boat. I always got nervous and wanted to help him, but he just said "Get out of the way!" He would some how make the leap and land in the boat safely.

He was a great granddad. He helped me take apart a lawnmower one time that was not working. We tore it down to the piston, then, put it all back together again. And, wouldn't you know it, the thing started right up. I remember NOT putting a single new part on the thing, we just took it apart and put it back together again. He had a name for that lawn mower that resembled what someone might call a donkey, because it had a rear grass discharge. It was my dad's favorite lawn mower and mine too! I had a great childhood. Bampa - I sure do miss him!


Deb D. said...

Love the name you had for him. Unique, and no doubt recalled with affection.

Nice to read one of your posts, John. I think of your wonderful, loving family regularly.

I imagine your having had such a wonderful childhood has been part of your inspiration to provide one to your own beautiful children - - all 7 of them!

Blessings to you all this wonderful season of the year.


Deb Durkes
Fort Wayne, IN

Leah S. said...

IT STILL WORKS!!!!! I'm probably as shocked as you are. ;-) I love the post about your Bampa. Some great memories you have with him!

Melissa Mc said...

I love hearing stories about others grandparents! I miss mine dearly!

And yes I do still check the blog just hoping for an update from the Urbans)

debi said...

What a sweet story. So very happy to hear from the Urbans. Hope to see pics pf the kids soon. I know you must be so busy. Missing this family so much!!

Jan and Randy said...

Love the story. Great to hear from the Urbans!