Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alopecia part 4

About six weeks ago I told you we took Ava back to a third dermatologist hoping for a better prognosis for her head. This doctor was pretty optimistic that a certain wart treatment would have the side effect of hair growth, and had apparently worked wonders in several of her patients. They tested a small area on her arm with a strong dose with the intent of "desensitizing" her before putting it on her scalp three weeks later. I was told to expect a "poison ivy-like" reaction. This is what we got instead: (I felt horrible!)

It's taken me this long to want to blog about it. Needless to say, we didn't go back for the scalp treatment. (You'll have to click the picture and look closely at her left upper arm to see the scar in the second photo):

A friend highly recommended a homeopathic doctor specializing in endocrinology instead, so I took her there, hoping to find the root of the problem. Three weeks ago we went and this is what happened:

The saliva test, which I'm told is more accurate than a blood test, indicated that her body systems are functioning normally: thyroid, liver, kidney. When we came to the hormone/emotion part, everything was off. The test showed she has experienced "emotional trauma, child neglect, child abandonment, stress, overstimulation, frustration". That and she tested positive for a bacteria which the doctor said is very common for kids adopted from Eastern Europe. How weird is this? I am still not exactly sure how I feel about homeopathy, but I have to say I was very impressed with this saliva test. If anyone can explain to me how it works I would be fascinated to hear more about it. From what I understand the saliva contains a blueprint of every chemical the body produces in response to certain conditions, traumas, etc. It even told us she had a bruise on her head recently without knowing I had slipped and fallen while holding her a few weeks before while walking up my porch steps in the ice storm, leaving a bruise on the back of Ava's head!! (Weird.) So I am giving her homeopathic supplements for awhile to stabilize the stress hormones. No guarantees it will grow her hair back, of course but if it will help her emotional adjustment, it is worth it to me.

So there you have it, Chapter 4 of the ongoing saga of the Bald Beauty.

Meanwhile, a blog reader sent these beautiful bows, hats and headbands for Ava. She finally kept one on today long enough today not only for the picture but also all the way to school! Making progress. Thank you Shannon from Cary Hairbows!!! Please check out her amazing creations on her blog.


Larsen Family said...

That blister looks very painful. I wouldn't be putting it on her head either. OUCH!

However, the homeopathic stuff sounds incredibly interesting. But it makes sense from a systemic perspective. Everything is connected. I'd say it is a better shot then ointment on her head that could leave a scar. However, beautiful hair bows.

Alicia said...

im not very into hemeopathic, but many i know use them and they have worker just fine and most of the time better than medicines. so if it doesnt harm, just try and wait. at least you know it wont hurt like the other thing....

Traci said...

Oh my goodness...that burn is horrific!! Ava is simply beautiful sporting that gorgeous bow!!! Honestly I am starting to trust the homeopathic doctors more than the regular ol' MD's with my health. I am clearing up a couple of issues with my health using different herbs, etc. and am liking the outcome!! Good luck!

Loren Stow said...

I hope that her arm heals!! Shame!

As for the Homeopathy - I suppose you won't loose out if you try and it might just be the perfect solution! I hope it is!

As for the head bows - just beautiful!

Lacia said...

Oh no...that blister looks horrible! Poor thing!

I agree with others on the homeopathic stuff. If there's no harm in trying, then go for it. If it works, great, if not, then no harm done.

Love the bow too!

Stefanie said...

Hi! Can I just say how beautiful Ava is!
Could you email me at as I have a question for you.

Shea said...

Don't blame yourself. You had no idea what would happen. She is just beautiful the way she is.

Lucie said...

I'm very fair and light blue eyed
like Ava- my skin is very sensitve
Good thing you tested a patch
before you applied it to her head!
You could apply some steroid cream
to lighten up the scar- that's what
I do because everything shows up on our extra light complexion!

Anonymous said...

Poor little girl. I can imagine how upset you were at her having to go through that!! So glad it's cleared up.
LOVE the bows!
Sooo cute on her!
Sharon M

Cathy said...

Oh that burn is horrible.
Have you thought about going back to see them so they know what it did. It may save some other child. Or maybe not they might just say the old “it’s never happened before” could you report them I wonder him. Poor sweet girl. And poor mummy you have to try these things, you’d never think that would happen.