Saturday, September 12, 2009

Adoption resources

For the next few months I plan on learning as much as I can about adoption, transracial adoption, toddler adoption, older child adoption.

If you have a favorite adoption book or resource, can you please leave a comment? I'm particularly interested in parenting children of a different race. Thanks!

For the record, this and this are my two favorite adoption resources.


markay714 said...

I like the 20 things book as well. I'd quit telling Daniel and Maria were adopted since I figured it was their story to tell at this point. I was so surprised that Daniel had told all his friends that he used to live in Russia and pretty much the whole thing at soccer practice. I got to share our testimony of God's goodness to us to all the moms at soccer practice last week. They'd all heard about it from their sons.

There is a family in our church that has adopted nine children and some were transracial adoptions. I'd love to hook you up with Darcie if you have questions. They're definitely experienced and have walked through a lot of years with their family!

Molly said...

Man, wish I could have tucked you into my pocket this morning. We went to a transracial adoption seminar. It's our second and it's so good to get together with families that match ours. There was a panel of adult adoptees that were adopted transracially, and a couple that adopted transracially 15 years ago. It was wonderful to pick their brains.

I love the book by Sherrie Eldridge, and need to read the other fav of yours. Another good read is I'm Chocolate You're Vanilla. I think you are smart to ask around instead of just researching. Some books can be discouraging because they are not centered on a faith and walk with Jesus Christ. Not that my suggestion is, but it's a safe and reasonable read.

Did you see Joy on my blog? Thought she'd take your breath away like she did me!!! Oh, and we are going to Aspen for 3 months for Blake's work from Nov-Jan. He got a wonderful opportunity and jumped on it. I was excited then totally started backing out when the details weren't lininig up. Eek! Ye of little faith!

Empty Arms said...

Just a couple of things.... their skin sometimes is dryer then ours. I used a lotion with shae/coco butter in it also a product called pink lotion for their hair. It smells almost like baby lotion and not a greasy feeling.