Monday, October 12, 2009

Three blue bowties

Sometimes when I need to spend some time reading the Bible, make an uninterrupted phone call, or have myself a good long cry, I put a DVD on in the living room for the kids, then lock myself into the bedroom for a bit. Any moms out there relate?

On Friday I was doing a combination of the above......when I heard a big thud and a scream coming from the living room.........Ouch!

From what I can gather Hope was trying to stand on the chair to turn the volume up or down, and she fell forward and hit her head on the TV armoire.

My good friend and neighbor was a good sport and took Ava with her to the eye doctor (Thank you Delahne!) while I took Hope to go get stitched up. I made the mistake of saying the word 'stitches' in front of her and she became hysterical. I pulled the doctor aside and told him to do what he needed to do, but I advised him that if he could somehow let her think she wasn't getting stitches, that it would go much better for him, for me, and for everybody else.

So the nice doctor came in and announced that there was no need for stitches, only a couple of "bow-ties" were necessary. Like a perfect angel she laid on the table and allowed the doctor to tie the necessary bow-ties.

Don't bow-ties look adorable on her?

And have I ever mentioned how much I love these big brown eyes???

As you might have guessed we are still running up against quite a few snags in our adoption process, thus all the door locking and tears.....Some of you have noticed that my Pearl of Africa blog is now private. I don't quite have the words yet to tell all that is going on, but I will soon.


Lisa said...

Charissa, Can I have an invitation to your adoption blog? I misplaced your e-mail address. Mine is
Thank you,

Cammie Heflin said...

Oh Hope, pretty girl, I hope those bow ties make you all better! Charissa, I can totally relate, my haven is my master bath, I totally get it!

Anonymous said...

I cannot find a place where I can't hear the screaming. I go back to the last Cosby show where he was building Claire a sound proof haven. I want one of those.

Sorry she had to have bow ties but they look wonderful with her brown eyes!

Let me know what I can do to help on your other stuffs. I'm all ears if you need to talk/email.


Chelley said...

perfect bowties....

I hope that the snags are not ones that cannot be over come.... HUGS

Deb D. said...

Charissa: sorry to hear part of your world is overwhelming right now. My spirit is sad for you. Sorry little Hope had her mishap. What a trooper she is. So lovely, too. Amazing that just a change in terminology can make something painful endurable. :-)

Molly said...

Ugh. I was afraid that this is why there hadn't been updates. I am so sorry. I can't imagine the heartache. I know there have been times in our adoptions when I felt numb and prayed to God to help me focus on my little ones while He worked out the details that were overwhelming me.

Oh, that haven you speak of!!! I usually put the boys in their room to play while Sadie is napping and then have my time to pray, think, cry! And by "put" I need to remind you that I still have those plastic baby door knobs that they can't turn!!!

Praying for you sweet friend!

Mary said...

I'm sorry Hope had to get bowties...but what a great name to call them and make her less scared!

I'm praying the adoption snags aren't insurmountable, and that you'll get some good news soon. HUGS!!!

Shea said...

~HUGS~ A.J. has been stitched many times lol. Once they used that dermabond glue and accidentally glued the corner of her eye shut. The doc still apologizes to this day about it! I am so very sorry about whatever is going on with your adoption. Please know I care and if there is anything I can do or be a shoulder you know where I am!!

Charissa said...

Shea, same thing happened to Jude! His eye was glued shut for 3 days, until it started getting infected and they had to remove the glue with a pair of tweezers. Memories, memories.

Shelly :) said...

Hi Charissa! I can relate to "getting away" and i only have two boys. We all have to have a break even if it is alone time in your bedroom. I have a question for you too, when your Afican Blog is back up can anyone access it or do i need some sort of log-in? I have just been keeping up with you because i truly admire what you are doing and i am trying to get my life in order so i can look into adoption. Thanks for being such an inspiration!!!

kirsten said...

Poor Hope:( hopefully she won't miss the bowties when they need to come out.

jennifer... said...

Since Ava won't keep a bow in her "hair" maybe she needs some bowties stitched in too...

Justine said...

Brilliant with the "bowties." Hope is a trooper. You are too. I am praying for you. Wish I could make it all better.


June Berger said...

I always did like bow ties better than stitches! Jonathan's entertainment center "bow ties" are on the other side of his head, similar spot though.

Sorry there is so much difficulty with your adoption, I can relate, we hit ever snag and snafoo possible during Jonathan's.

Praying for peace and a blessed resolution.

My haven is my master bathroom.

Qadoshyah said...

Hey Charissa,

Can I get an invitation to your adoption blog?

Email -


Anonymous said...

Hi Charissa,

I was happy to "meet" you the other day. I found your blog through Kris L in Phoenix, AZ - who was part of a gymboree yahoo group I am a part of. I followed her adoption journey and it led me to yours.

I have followed your journey since the beginning. I feel like I need to preface this by saying I Swear I'm Really Not Crazy...but I almost felt like crying the other day when I recognized you because your journey has been such an inspiration to me. There have been times reading your blog when I have cried and there have been times reading your blog of absolute joy.

I almost chickened out the other day~~see the I Swear I'm Really Not Crazy comment up above~~but am glad I didn't. :)


Charissa said...

I'm SO glad you stopped me to say hi. Do our kids actually know each other then? What a small world. :)

Kerry Shealy said...

I love those big brown eyes, too! She is a beauty!

"Wait on the Lord, and be of good courage, and He will strengthen your heart."

That verse just came to mind, so I thought I should share it!

Anonymous said...

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