Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mini Laps

Mini Laps was a huge success! $280,000 was raised, I think (?). Thanks again to ALL of you who donated and supported Ava. She did great. Although at one point she decided she was done pulling her little pink wagon with a piggy inside, and her teacher Brooke had to carry it the rest of the way.

Not only did she walk all the way around the track, but she stopped to say hello to an admiring fan. :) Both are miracles in my book.

Way to go, Ava!
There were SO many cute and creative floats and costumes. I wasn't able to snap photos of all of them but here are a few:

When this little boy, who is visually impaired, walked around the track, they asked the crowd to withhold their cheers. He had to listen to his teacher's instructions to know which way to go. What an applause he received when he crossed the finish line though!
A live pony, wow!
It's a corn stalk!

This little boy just got prosthetic legs last week! He showed off his newly acquired walking skills. Sweet boy. He is in Ava's class.

A crop duster! How creative! Who in the world comes up with these kinds of ideas? This boy is non-verbal and has no use of his arms or his legs....BUT he can maneuver his wheelchair by himself, by turning his head. He can also communicate by directing his eyes towards words on a computer screen. Technology has been good to this boy and his family.

A silo. Oh my goodness.

Is she cute or what?

Fall has arrived.
Love the braids.
This little girl inspires me.
A cute little lamb. Oh me oh my....
Little John Deere raced across the finish line and clapped for himself. ha

Beautiful girl. She has come so far even from last year's Mini Laps.
This little boy is in Ava's class too, and quite a cutie! Love the gardening gloves hanging out of his pocket.

And here is Ava with her teacher Miss Brooke. We are sure going to miss this place next year. :(


Justine said...

I love it! Thanks for all the pictures! Ava amazes me!

La Viajera Insaciable said...

What a sweet, sweet event!

Maria said...

Ok so I made it about two seconds into reading your post this time before the tears started to flow.

What beautiful children, and what an amazing crowd of watching people! I love the looks of love and encouragement on the faces of the folks cheering the kids on.

Ava is precious beyond words.

Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us in cyber-land!

Off to find some kleenex now - my face is a mess of happy tears and running mascara!

KT said...

What a wonderful success!!!

Milena said...

It's amazing how far Ava has come from the tiny baby girl she was when she came home!

The Ritzmanns said...

What a cool event. The pictures of Ava and her classmates are priceless.


Qadoshyah said...

Ava is so adorable and it's so amazing she can walk for the even this year. What a bunch of cute kiddos.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome event and so many miracles to behold. That Little Lighthouse has angels in their midst.

Ava looked precious.

Aunt Sharon

soontobemomof9 said...

What a fun set of pictures!!!! Thoroughly enjoyed them! :)

And Ava, wow... you just keep growing and changing! I LOVE it!

jennifer... said...

That's PRECIOUS!!! I wish I could have been there, but I'm afraid I would have taken little John Deere home with me... or the boy with the gloves hanging out his pocket... or the little bald girl in the pink hat...

Christine said...

What a wonderful event! Happy to hear how great the kids all did!

Jamie said...

This is the COOLEST school parade EVER. that crop duster was unbelievable! These pics are so inspiring and heart warming thanks for sharing them :)