Monday, January 10, 2011

Last week my parents surprised us with an unexpected visit (I mean really unexpected!) Their main purpose was to spend some time with my 95 year old grandmother but we got to have them around here as well. They will be traveling to various places over the next few months so it was great to spend time with them knowing it will probably be another year before we can see them again.
We had fun sitting by the fire drinking hot tea and visiting after the kids went to bed. My parents still sit together and cuddle after 45 (or is it 46?) years of marriage. I like that about them. 

And they brought us a present....their Great Dane. 

Thank you Mom and Dad!! :)

She has a big bark, therefore she makes a great watchdog. But she's as sweet as can be. Welcome to the Urban Funny Farm, Layla.

Oma has always been very popular with the grandkids. :)

 Evening times at around 6:00 are the highlight of everybody's day....Daddy comes home from work!! You should hear these two squeal when they see Daddy's white truck coming down the driveway. Zoya grabbed Joseph's neck and pulled him to the window, and said in her own Zoya-way.."Joseph! Look! Daddy's home."

Tonight Hope asked if she and Zoya could sleep in a cardboard box. 
Oh what the heck. 
Why not!


Deb D. said...

What a delightful update. More glimpses into your lovely family and life. Thanks, Charissa!

Merany :) said...

Aw!! That's sweet to have family around. And I loved the pics of Zoya and Joseph looking for daddy to come home! Too sweet... and I especially LOVE the great dane! I have one myself. He's so sweet and calm. Great dogs! :) And you have an awesome family!

Stephanie said...

Aaaaawwwwww.. Hope and Zoya look so sweet sleeping there in the cardboard box together. I bet Zoya loves having someone to snug with at night. Can you do a post on what all goes into tube feeding Zoya?

Tim Rovenstine said...

Ha, funny, I go to your page before I go to Fox News.

Tim Rovenstine said...

Ha, funny, I go to your page before I go to Fox News.

Shelly said...

Glad you got to see your parents, it has to be hard going that long without seeing them. The Great Dane is beautiful, i love those dogs!
And for Hope and little Zoya in the box, that is priceless! I would have let them too, they are only kids once so we all have to enjoy it while we can! :)

csmith said...

We are snowed in so my kids have been sleeping in a play tent, apparently it makes the "stranded" experience more real. I don't get it, they have a perfectly good bed 3 feet away:) I am so glad to hear that Zoya is gaining weight, now she weighs as much as my 23 month old. Keep fattening her up, you're doing a great job!

Cammie Heflin said...

What fun! I can tell Zoya has gained weight! Woo Hoo!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Your parents told me they made an unexpected trip to the states, and took along the Great Dane, but didn't mention it was for you. lol!! Sounds like you got multiple surprises, all good! The family photos are amazing. So many memories in the making. Thank you for sharing.
Aunt Sharon

Anonymous said...

Love it!


Qadoshyah said...

You can see the difference in Zoya from her weight gain already in those pictures :)!

jennifer... said...

Grandparents, dogs, sleeping in a box, Daddy's truck arriving home.... I wanna live at your house!

Yes, we were in town for another wedding - and very quickly again! It does seem strange to be there and not see you, I confess. I sure would love to have. Why don't you & John get married again so we can come to YOUR wedding!