Friday, February 25, 2011

Ava can....

I forgot to mention on Ava's birthday post....This is the first year Ava has blown out her own candles (sort of)! This is quite an accomplishment!

Ava can also:
-Walk down the stairs, holding the handrail
-Put on her own socks
-Undress herself
-Make choices
-Feed herself
-Say several words
-Wave to strangers
-Wear Mama's shoes
-Kick a ball
-Run (Ok she's not very graceful but still...)
-Do a simple puzzle
-Stack blocks
-Go potty
-Blow kisses
-Sign "I love you"


Deb D. said...

She has accomplished so much. What a beautiful testimony to the power of love. Thank you for sharing her with us. She and your family are inspirational. I say that with full sincerity.

Rachel said...

Dear Ava,
You are my hero! You are such an inspiration. I hope my (soon-to-be) little boy is just as awesome as you are. He's from the same country as you, and needs a lot of help! But you have come so far, so I know he will too. You are a rock star!
Happy Belated Birthday!
Your fan,

Justine said...

Wow! I am so proud of Ava (and her family!) You give so much hope to so many!

Anonymous said...

totally amazing thanks to two wonderful parents and incredible brothers and sisters, much love donna

Arizona mom to eight said...

That is amazing Charissa, I still can picture that little waif she used to be, Happy Belated Birthday Ava.

kirsten said...

So glad, I was wondering on her progress. Wow, has she grown!

jennifer... said...

I'm so glad I laid eyes on that girl in the first days you brought her home. That list of abilities just rocks me. I really enjoyed your posts recently about how you do it all (now it makes sense), and what love looks like. I totally remember you resisting that date!!! Who knew what your life would look like 16 years later? Actually, I kinda think YOU knew... ;)

Robin said...


Anonymous said...

I love Ava!!I love to hear about her accomplishments! You go, you sweet thing!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Remember when we were so excited she could pick up a spoon and drop it almost immediately?! She's come so far from that wee little thing I first met. May she continue to grow and blossom in the love of her forever family! Rachel