Friday, August 14, 2009

My boy is 8.

We are having a little party here tonight to celebrate too, but here are some photos of our birthday celebration for Jude while we were in Mexico. My mom invited all the kids from the church, and it was so cute how they all came with their little party bags to celebrate the birthday of a kid they had never met! ha And it was especially funny to see how they all communicated with each other without knowing one another's language. Kids are amazing that way.

Thanks Mom for going all out and asking Radish the Clown---or was it Turnip---- to be there with shape balloons. The pinata was a big hit as well.

I don't think my dad noticed this little girl rubbing her head. Made me miss Ava!

Look was in charge of raising the pinata

The worship leader from church gave Jude his first guitar lesson, since music is what he loves most. Anyone know of anyone who gives guitar lessons here locally?

And I just couldn't resist this photo at the end of the day. Definitely bath night.


jennifer... said...

Happy birthday Jude!! How original to have the party in Mexico.:) I'm so happy for your parents to have the blessing of being in that house -- they certainly deserve it.

Charissa, your photography is the best I've seen anywhere. You have a TALENT. Have you thought of raising money with it???

Alicia said...

Felicidades!!! oh you should have called, we love parties, and Elias love piƱatas!

kirsten said...

I agree! YOur pictures are amazing! I thought of Jude as Annie-Grace was celebrating....he is the sweeetest..."MIth Kithten...":)