Thursday, October 1, 2009

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen

I have had this book ever since I first became a mom, a foster mom that is.....13 years ago. I've read many parenting books but I have to say this is my all time favorite (Shepherding a Child's Heart is a close second).

Maybe it's the easy-to-read cartoon pictures, I don't know why, I just love this book! I refer back to it over and over for practical tips to win all the arguments instill morals and character in my children.

This morning Hope and I had a run-in. She told me she didn't want to go with me to take out the trash. Then she changed her mind after I left. When I came back she was hysterical, crying, thrashing, saying why don't I listen to her, and on and on. Wanting to argue that it was her choice, but remembering the book, I said:

"You really wish you could have come with me, huh?"

Next thing I know she had crawled up on my lap and was kissing me saying I'm the best momma in the world. Seriously. This stuff works. If you are a parent I think you will really like this book.


Tim Rovenstine said...

I wonder if this stuff works on dogs?

~ Teresa ~ said...

This is a great book! It works in adult relationships too.... I first used this book when I was taking an teacher assistant course at a local collage in Upstate NY.

Anonymous said...

my computer crashed and was in the shop, so i haven't had a chance to thank you for this book suggestion. SO very helpful... came in very handy today when my son wasn't behaving well in class. this book gave me the knowledge and patience to allow him to admit his wrong-doings and feel quite proud of himself in the process. thank you so much, and i am sorry your adoption is hitting a difficult phase. our's hasn't quite taken off the ground yet.

thank you again and please excuse my anonymous... i haven't commented in a long, long time and forgot my google password,

warmest regards,

rachel kamerman (los angeles)