Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Give blood

This is my 4 year old nephew Von who is in the hospital with the swine flu. Not the best position to be in when you are battling leukemia. My brother wrote this post yesterday about the power of donating blood. Next time I donate blood I'll be doing it in honor of Von. Please consider doing the same.

Be sure to check out his blog to see the pirate (also known as my brother Jason) that made a visit to the hospital. What a dad.


Alice said...

Praying for your precious nephew.

JUST A MOM said...

We are praying for Von!

Rachel said...

I nominated your blog for an award. Check it out at my new blog

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog and also a HUGE supporter of blood banks (donate as often as possible) and I have a friend who would go with me. He went every chance he could (his brother once had a blood transfusion) until that place we went to closed. We went to a new one. And this time he was asked if he had ever had sex with a male. The answer is yes (he is gay he has had one partner for 20+ with whom he has children. That reason has prevented him from ever donating again (its illegal for a gay male to donate blood). This is such an antiquated law that was before the highest growing rate of HIV was in straight women. I doubt you are pro glbt (Based on reading your blog...I hope I'm wrong)

ps in the same passage that condemns homosexuality in the bible it also says not to eat shrimp or mix clothing material. (and yet we don't condemn those who do the other things)

and sodom and gomorrah is about hospatilty and neither NOT homosexuality

sorry to get off topic :) I lurk all the rr blogs but feel VERY unwelcome because of my own glbt status and while I hope to adopt in the near future Idoubt I'll ever fit "in"

Anonymous said...

also important to note my friend is NOT HIV positive - has no other disease - is healthy and has O neg blood type - talk about turning down an ideal canidate

Milena said...

I have nominated your blog for an award! Stop by my blog for Nadya, at to pick it up!