Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy November!

I love turning the page on my calendar.There is nothing like having a fresh start, a clean slate every month.

Wait a minute....

Darn it!

Isn't it weird how these kinds of things can both irritate the heck out of you yet put a big smile on your face at the same time?

Happy November everybody!


Adeye said...

Sorry--but I had a good chuckle. That looks just like something that would happen in my house :)

Jester 5 said...

If this were Facebook I would have hit the "like" button in a heartbeat. Gotta loves those girls and their art work!

Amy said...

That is great!
Well atleast the drawing was good! ;)

matt koen said...

hi Mrs.Urban I started a blog its


And i hope all is well.

Milena said...

Oh I fully understand your point! I would have felt the same. I'll admit that had the calendar been mine I would have been slightly more irritated - but I was all smiles seeing your photos :-) The drawing was really good too!

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