Monday, November 16, 2009

A weekend family getaway

We picked the kids up early from school on Friday and headed to Branson for a semi-spontaneous surprise family getaway for two nights. Getting away for a couple of days was JUST what I needed.

I didn't feel like lugging my big camera all around Silver Dollar City so I left it at home. Too bad, because I missed some great photo opportunities. The rain chased everybody away on Sunday so we practically had the place to ourselves. I came prepared with raincoats and umbrellas for each of us so we got to continue to ride the rides in the rain, not to mention with NO lines, which in my opinion is the best way to ride roller coasters!!

We stayed in a cabin, and Friday night/Saturday morning Ava woke up in the night...which she never ever ever ever does....I was laying with her in the bed since we didn't have a crib and I didn't want her to roll out of bed. Anyway, she sat up in bed and started signing something in the dark. I was finally able to make out what she was trying to say: "HOME". She wanted to go home!

This is significant to me because 1)she understands the concept of home and understood that we weren't there...and 2)while everyone else was happy to be on vacation, she wanted to be home. Maybe you just have to be her mother to appreciate this, but I thought it was awfully amazing!

Saturday night I sent John to Walmart for a few items. I texted him the grocery list since we couldn't find paper to write on. I texted:
-bottled water
-cheddar cheese
-orange juice
-sausage biscuits for breakfast
-snacks for the kids
......Then, realizing we were in Missouri where they actually sell wine at Walmart which is prohibited by law here in Oklahoma, and thinking hey, we're on vacation in a cabin in the Ozarks, we might as well go all out..... I texted:

John texted back: wine?
Me: yes----and a redbox movie, for after the kids are in bed.
John: what kind? white?
Me: blush
John: blush?
Me: Yes, it's pinkish.

When he got home, he informed me that there were no movies available worth watching...and he handed me this:

The nice lady at Walmart helped him pick it out.

Man, I love him!


Stephanie said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! That's sooo cute!!! Your husband is the greatest!

Terra said...

That wine story is the greatest ever! Thank you for the laugh this morning. What a sweet hubby!! :)

Marlita said...

Too funny! That is a great story.

Anonymous said...

That's a hoot!!!!


Oma Roberta said...

Sounds like something Opa would do! Ha Ha very funny, John Urban!!

kirsten said...

very funny!

Zack, Jenn and William said...

Literally laughing out loud - so funny!

And what a sweet story about Ava :)

Adeye said...

Oh my gosh--I am laughing so hard. That is totally hilarious. Fabulous story!!!!


Justine said...

The blush story cracked me up, but Ava signing "home" made me tear up (seems to be a frequent happening these days.) Glad you had such a fun trip.

Cammie Heflin said...

LOL That is too funny! I'm gonna let it slide that you didn't call me to meet up for a few minutes in Springfield though!

Anonymous said...

I love your story. Thanks for sharing. Your family is the best.

Larsen Family said...

So I take it no wine; pooh, that story was so funny. Glad you enjoyed your time away.

La Viajera Insaciable said...

I don't know what story I like more, Charissa-- your Eva story or your blush story. The former is oh, so sweet, and the latter is oh, so funny!

Shelly said...

my goodness! At the beginning of this story i had chills just thinking about Ava signing and wanting to be at home, which by the way to any mother it is wonderful to know your child loves home. And then by the end i was cracking up! That is so sweet, i'm sure he was thinking why in the world does she needs blush? That is too cute! I love reading your blogs, it helps get me through the day :)

Kate said...

Thank you for the laugh this morning. So glad to hear that your family was ablt to get away for a while.

Kate Goshorn

Chad and Dana said...

Thanks for that...I needed that laugh! Tell John I think he is just awesome!

Can't wait to see what that color looks like on you!

Anonymous said...

I love laughing out loud....thanks!! And Ava signing "home" is so awesome!! My little man, Joshua who has DS always wants to go home too:) Makes a momma feel good that her kiddos love being in the warm comfort of home!!

Tracie said...

Oh my word! Did you get your wine? Or just your "blush."

Anonymous said...

Wait - did you at least get the wine? ha ha

LOVED Ava signing Home!

Sand Springs, OK

June Berger said...

What a sweet man, trying so hard to please...awww... No wine though?

How awesome that Ava was signing home!!! Yeah! She loves her home!