Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Better late than never, that is what I always say.

Here are some photos from, um....a month ago (?), when my brother and his family from Minnesota and my parents from Mexico came to visit us over Spring Break.

Some are sweet, some are silly. Hope you enjoy......Easter bunny photos next.


Julie said...

Wonderful pictures, but I really LOVE the picture of Von and Ava holding hands. So precious.

Brandy said...

Hi, I "stumbled" across your blog via reecesrainbow and just noticed that these pictures from May 5th were taken at my absolute favorite place. Most of the locals don't think its anything special because they have been there 100 times or more (which I have too) but, its just magical and so beautiful out there. I lived in "the ville" for 7 yrs until recently moving out west.