Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fun times at the Urban household

On Thanksgiving night, while we were out of town, we got a text from our babysitter/dogsitter saying that our dogs had disappeared from the yard. For several nights we worried and wondered where they might be. How sad we were to come home to an empty house with no wagging tails or wet noses to greet us. We put ads on Craigslist and called the local shelter. The dogs were not found for several days.

But I am happy to report it was a Homeward Bound ending, and both dogs are now safely home, thanks to a nice lady who found them wandering at a local business and took them home. She kept them all through the holidays and then called the vet's number on the rabies tag, which is how we finally located them. Needless to say we are so thankful for a happy ending.

We have an interesting dilemma----Nelly has gone into heat (which apparently triggered the sudden exploring) while Luke is a 'teenage' puppy with raging hormones. Fun times at the Urban house. Would you like to be a fly on our wall watching me and 7 kids trying to keep the dogs apart and the neighbor male dogs away. Interesting indeed.

Meanwhile I finally got around to scheduling them both for spaying/neuturing.

What do they call a cross between a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and a Labradoodle? John says a 'Chesa-doodle'.


Anonymous said...


Glad they are back.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! What else can happen these days? What a wonderful Good Samaritan that lady was. Most people wouldn't have taken in two dogs, especially that big I wouldn't think. I can't imagine how sad it must have made you all feel when you thought they were lost...AND how happy when they were found...and BOY! do you all have your hands full now :-))!
Aunt Sharon

Anonymous said...

Oh Goodness! You can print dog tags at Walmart with your name and phone number. Just yesterday I was jogging in a nearby neighborhood, and little yorkie joined me... That didnt seem right, so I checked her collar, and thankfully she had a tag on. So I called the owner and got her address to return the dog to and closed up their gate. That made me think if we ever get a dog, we will be sure to get tags made!
Glad they both came home!

Bethany said...

I think that combination can be called a Peake-a-Doo :) I am glad they are back, and wish you all the best in keeping the male dogs at a distance until you can take care of the issue.

Charissa said...

Bethany- Peake-a-Doo, haha!

Janell & Kenny said...

What a happy ending! I was worried about those two!