Thursday, March 5, 2009

Practicing delayed gratification

I know everyone is anxious to see Ava using her new walker....I am too.

Two problems.

Problem 1: There is a certain canine living in the house that has a bad habit of chewing on whatever he finds laying around, as well as a little 4 yr. old girl living in the house that has a habit of taking the shoes off another certain little girl and leaving them laying around the floor. Unfortunately the super special and important foot support/inserts got left on the floor last week and a certain brown lab chewed them into smitherines. A replacement has been ordered, but meanwhile there won't be any attempts at walking, as Ava's feet are so SO low-arched, tiny and wobbly without them. I expect them to be here in a week or two.

Problem 2: I haven't bought a camera replacement as of yet. John did tell me he "had to make a quick stop" on our way home from soccer practice, he does love to surprise me (as you learned when he brought me home 2 cows and 10 chicks on Saturday). Could it be a camera? Maybe a goat or a pig? I shall know soon. Have I mentioned lately how much I love that guy?


The Monroe 6 said...

That would be nice!!

:( about the shoes.
my dog is a chewer too.

Stephanie said...

you are so lucky to have your husband, I dont know him but he seems like a great guy. i hope you get a new camera so we can see your cute kids more!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Wow! I am not the only one with Dog issues! Sorry to hear of your woes with dog! Can't wait to see wonderful pics when you have that new camera! I woudl DIE without my camera! I wish I had a videographer to follow Noah around! :)

Noah's mama

Larsen Family said...

We too, have lost many an item around our house. Shoes, toys, furniture, really anything the dogs can get a hold of. Sorry about your woes of lab guardianship.

It is hard to go w/o a camera. Ours was stolen the summer of 2007 and we never got a replacement until this last Christmas. Now I am a picture maniac. Hope you get a new one soon.

RoverHaus said...

Oh Charissa!!! I'm so sorry about Moses being such a pain. Can't he just stay outside? He wasn't an indoor dog in Mexico. I feel really bad. Lisa