Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What is Hope's job?

I was asked today what is Hope's kitchen job. Well I guess I forgot to mention that Hope does indeed have a kitchen job, it is called "Liesel's helper". This means Liesel gets to boss her around. The reason Liesel gets her own helper is that she has a natural way with child psychology. Last night in the shower she told Hope that ice skaters don't cry when they wash the shampoo out of their hair. That dried up the tears real quick. A couple days ago Liesel told Hope that if she cleaned her room really pretty maybe mommy would take a picture of it for the blog. In the car I often hear Liesel say that whoever has their seatbelt on gets to hold her stuffed animal, things like that. She will be a really good babysitter someday. Remember this in a few years. So after dinner Hope does whatever Liesel asks her to do, usually put away the condiments, take rags to the laundry room, and things like that.

But Hope's main household chore is emptying the trash from the bathrooms and picking up things off the floor. That is about all I trust her with for now. I do not trust her with Windex, Pledge or a vacuum cleaner yet. No way.


Jester 5 said...

. . .but if you trusted her with a vaccum, it would make cleaning the toys from the floor so much easier. . . :)

Tim Rovenstine said...

Giftings show up in children in young stages, I'm glad you are aware of it, and kind highlight it.

Kerry Shealy said...

Wow! I didn't know that about ice skaters! She's so cute!