Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pictures from our trip

Since we switched all our photos to Picasa I have  no idea how to upload more than 5 pictures per post. So bear with me as I make multiple posts about our trip to California and back.
Gee, I don't know why we got so many stares as we boarded the plane to Sacramento. I wish I could have video taped all the people who counted the children one by one as we walked by!

I am not lying when I tell you the kids were all great travelers! Ava held her daddy's hand almost the whole way, and kept looking behind her seat at me and giving me a thumbs up (a gesture she has learned from Joseph). Joseph sat in the aisle seat and groped people as they walked by. John kept reminding him that he was a passenger, not a TSA agent in training. :)

Zoya has the world's smallest bladder. I lost count of how many trips we had to make to the bathroom!

Hope is our little social butterfly. She saved a seat for her new friend that we met just before boarding. It sure is nice to get to sit by nice kid-tolerant people on long flights with children. As you can see, Hope and Sarah are now BFF.


Leslie said...

That is awesome...I am cracking up at Joseph groping everyone. can't wait to hear more about the trip. Welcome home!!!

Tim Rovenstine said...

Better reading your blog than getting a free copy of USA Today. Looking at the pictures is like re living the experience. You said it well.