Thursday, November 18, 2010

The puppy finally has a name!

I took this picture about a week after our friend Luke had died tragically in a diving accident.  Our kids really loved and looked up to Luke and had taken his loss so hard, so we made the decision to take our older three children with us to the Memorial Service. That night Jude fell asleep holding a picture of Luke, from the service, on his chest. It was a touching sight to say the least.

Fast-forward a couple of weeks. You know the story of Oliver the mangy rescue dog who had to be put to sleep, and then the story of how our vet personally sought out for us a nice puppy replacement......a 6 month old Yellow LabraDoodle.

Well that poor puppy has not had a name for his first two weeks here with us. With so many people in our family we just have not been able to agree on just one name. Einstein, Barkley, Charlie, Benjamin, Prince Charming, Duke, Captain Doodle...None of them sounded quite right at least not to the majority. Then one of the kids suggested Luke and everybody unanimously agreed that it was the perfect name for the puppy. While I loved the idea, I wasn't entirely sure how socially appropriate it was to name a dog after a loved one who passed away but after all it was the kids' idea and the last thing I wanted to do was scold them over it. Besides, I knew Luke would have loved it!  I also felt that this was the kids' way of coping and attempting to keep Luke's memory alive in our hearts and conversations.

 At the risk of offending I decided to run it by Luke's family to hear their thoughts. I'm so glad they agreed!

Welcome to the family, Luke!


Anonymous said...

I told you the kids would come up with the perfect name! They just have a knack. Love the name, too.


Robin said...

sometimes I think you try to make me cry!

Molly said...

As someone who has a little brother named Luke, I say good choice!

Justine said...

Made me tear up.

I have never been a fan of naming animals people names, but I have found an exception. I think that Luke is perfect and a beautiful tribute from the heart of your children.

Michelle, Mike, Michael & Brett said...


Frikkie said...

Great Choice.