Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Accidental Adoption

(Author Unknown)

Honey, sit down. I have some news for you.

What is it?

Well, I don't know how to say this, so I'll just come
out with it. I went out to the mailbox today and . . .
. . well, we got an I-171H.

A what?!?! An I-171H? As in, we're going to have
another baby?!?

It looks that way.

But how? We've been so careful! I put away all the
blank 1-600A forms.

Didn't you hide our homestudy update?

Of course I did. But don't forget, there was that one
night . . .

What night? (pauses) Ohhh, that night. But it was only
once. We were just messing around. I didn't print
clearly. I didn't even use black ink! (pauses

But it was kind of fun.

(giggles) It was, wasn't it? I'll never forget how
cute you looked getting your fingerprints.

So now we've got our I171H, eh? But that doesn't
always mean you'll adopt,does it? I mean, shouldn't
you see the agency or something, make sure
everything's okay?

I already did.


I'm five documents along.

Five documents!

And they're all notarized, certified and
authenticated, okay?

Just great.

There was one small scare when the agency couldn't see
the notary's middle initial, but it showed up just
fine under the magnifying glass.

Thank God. And you, honey? Are you feeling okay?

I'm feeling fine. As long as I know you're happy about

Happy? I'm thrilled! It's always a shock at first when
something like this happens, but of course I'm happy.


Pan Cratius said...

Another journey, I'm along for the ride.

Annie said...

I love this!! So cute!!

Terra said...

You making an announcement?! By the way, where did you take your header picture? I love it!!

thedickinsonfamily said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you ALL. You continue to amaze me with your Christian walk and faith. You are definately the hands and feet of Jesus.

Charissa said...

Announcement? No, that wasn't an announcement. The photos were taken downtown Tulsa, the red door was an Episcopalian church.

Mom of 2 said...

Congratulations- another girl!

Christine said...

Love this! Are you sure this isn't a subtle announcement? ;)

Chelley said...

I am so excited for you guys your NEW little one looks like an angel!

Anonymous said...

So excited for you guys. Can't wait for your newest addition to come along...it is too long to wait! Rachel

Mandy said...

I've read that before but it still cracks me up every time!!!!!
I am confused now by the comments here - are you expecting another??? I hope so!!!!

Larsen Family said...

Saw pics on Sunday, beautiful..

adoptyaroslav said...

Absolutely a wonderful post? May I plagiarize?


Rachel said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for your family and this new little one!

Michelle said...

Oh, secrets are FUN! Comngrats to all of you, she is a lucky little girl.