Wednesday, June 10, 2009


While we were in Ukraine we met a special little girl who was living at Ava's orphanage. A few months later we were thrilled to learn that a family had committed to adopt her. Wanting to give Julie (Daisy's soon-to-be mama) a special gift, I emailed every photo I had taken of Daisy. I also happened to have a very short video clip of her that I uploaded to One True Media and I emailed. Now I'm telling on Julie, but I can tease her because I did the same thing with the one very short video clip I had of Ava as well. But would you believe I noticed the next day that video had been viewed something like 127 times? :)

Well I have been following Daisy's adoption blog and my heart is really going out to her her family today. Daisy has already been transferred to another orphanage and they are still short something like $7,000 to bring Daisy home. John and I were so blessed to have people voluntarily help us bring our little Ava home. And we vowed we would give back in return to other people stepping out in faith to rescue God's precious little ones.

I try to be real careful not to be a blog that is always asking for donations. I know there are so many good causes out there and one can't give to everything. However, a couple of you have thanked me in the past for making these situations known, and giving you an opportunity to help orphans, even when you can't bring one home yourself. I asked Julie's permission to post a link to her blog and make her situation known here. Adoption can be so heartwrenching. Maybe you could leave a comment of encouragement on her blog. (If you want to donate you can click on Daisy's photo below and then on the Paypal "donate" button).


Tim Rovenstine said...

I bet this spot announcement will put this couple in the final stretch. Thanks for sharing. Would Mexican pesos help?

Julie said...

Thank you so much for posting our story! I appreciate it so much. I know God is going to continue to bless us, he already has with you sharing our story! I am humbled beyond words for your help. Thank you again.

Oh, and thanks for telling on me about how many times I've watched that video... that's not including me downloading the video to my computer and have watched it there too! : )

jennifer... said...

Thanks, Charissa.