Friday, March 5, 2010

If I have been scarce it's because I'm up to my ears in adoption paperwork!

We'll be going back to the doctor for the third time next week, to make changes on the medical form. I'm sure he's going to be real happy to see us again. I begged John to go in my place but he used the excuse that he has to work. Phooey!

The last two forms got rejected because the doctor wrote over two letters of his own printed name, and because the notary didn't put enough ink on her stamp. So we went back to the notary to see about fixing it, and found out she is no longer working at that bank. Went to three banks looking for a notary whose stamp doesn't expire within 12-18 months, and who was willing to travel to the doctor's office a block away. No such luck. After calling around we finally found a notary who will travel and whose stamp doesn't expire for two years...but (and it's a big but) she will not back-date it to last week. Excuse me while I scream again. AAAAAHHHHH! I had to send her all my documents explaining all the notary rules, and she said she will 'think about' whether she can back date it or not. Gotta love the pains of dossier preparation. I'd rather take labor pains with no epidural any day thank you very much!

Just a few updates from around here......Jude has been taking piano lessons for about 5 months now, and he attended his first piano festival, where he is critiqued on his performance. The judge gave him superior ratings and we couldn't be prouder of him. (Although I will be glad when he moves on from Jingle Bells and Indian Song, ha!) I had to take this picture of him all decked out, even though we didn't get a picture of him playing the piano. He takes after his dad and his grandparents with his musical talent, thank goodness.

John went to the feed store for hay the other day and came home with these little cuties....You see, we have nothing better to do than feed and water more little creatures several times a day. As you can see, SOMEBODY has been having a great time with the new pets.

Chicks in an Easter basket......

Chicks on a giant earthworm...Jumping chicks.....
Acrobatic chicks......

Nanny got her own private room and she seems much happier to be able to turn the volume of the TV up as high as she wants to. She slipped on some water a week or two ago and ended up with this:
OW....She still managed to walk to the van and go out with us for a Sonic cherry limeade. I sure love this lady!

Tomorrow starts the first Saturday of a very busy soccer season. Four kids in soccer, one in horseback riding lessons, one in piano, and one getting ready start up weekly therapy sessions, I might be very scarce here indeed.

Have a great weekend everybody. I'm off to watch a movie with my hubby!!


JennyH said...

Oh my gosh- that leg! I hope it is not hurting her much.

The chick pictures are funny and cute!

good luck with the paper work and notary.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. THat leg hurts me. SHeesh. Glad she is alright.

BUSY. Man you make me feel like I'm a slacker. I took Sawyer out of weekly therapy because he seemed too tired to deal with it. Going to start him back up in the summer after school is out. I was just sitting here thinking how glad I am today is the last day of basketball. Of course, Sawyer's baseball starts next week. But only 1 at a time this year. Next year, not so.

Good luck on the notary. OUr first adoption, I had a time. 2nd adoption the SW said she'd do it for us. THat helped a lot. (1st adoption SW said she couldn't as it was a conflict of interest) Plus, our doctors all had their own notary.


Tina Koen said...

Hope you enjoyed your movie. We watched "The Triumph" movie and it is so inspiring. Wish I were still homeschooling.

Your grandmother is a sorry about her fall. Scaring when you get old. It is certainly not for sissies. We are deeply saddened about Ms. Leader. After the news I had to get to my Grandmother...what a lonely life it can be for an elderly person in a nursing home. Thank God for your family being there for her while she was alive.

Thoughts and prayers with you as you go through the process. May He give you all you need.

Cammie Heflin said...

Poor Nanny! I love your family! It's so like ours with so many kids doing so many things! I wouldn't trade it for the world! Well, maybe add another kid to the mix!

G said...

Oh the Indian song was the first song I ever played on the piano! After 8 years of lessons as a child, I could play as well as most kids could after 6 months of lessons! ha ha My sister had 11 years of lessons and plays no better! The Indian song I can still play from memory though! lol

G said...

Oh and her poor leg!