Sunday, March 7, 2010

Since yesterday was so sunny and beautiful we all spent the day outside. We let Romeo the goat out of his pen to romp around with his best friend Hope, while the rest of us worked on the barn and on the farm.

Well about an hour later we realized that Romeo was nowhere to be found. We looked and looked, and called and called. We checked in the woods, checked in the barbed wire, checked the neighbors'.

Finally Hope remembered that she had put him in a time out "because he was being naughty". A goat time-out.

In my van.

The image that you have in your mind right now is exactly the image that we saw when we opened the van door. A goat standing on the back seat, and you-know-exactly-what we found on exactly three seats.

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

We decided it would be best to let it dry overnight before attempting to clean it up. And so we did.

This morning as we loaded up for church we found the turds that of course we had completely forgotten about. We frantically scrubbed and cleaned and then drove to church in our Sunday best sitting on folded towels. And of course we laughed almost the whole way.

And I'll leave you with this image from the Urban farm. I hope this post wasn't too much information for you. 
Welcome to my world.


Stefanie and Bill said...

I cannot even imagine.....a goat in your car. Did Hope clean up the poop? OMG girl.....that would send me over the edge! And the cat "bearing gifts"!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not sure what to say except you probably handled it better than I would have.

Poor squirrel.


Alice said...

How thankful you must be that the cat didn't bring his present into the house for you.:)

Anonymous said...

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Jodi said...

Hilarious! Someday you will look back on all this and laugh...I think...

Anonymous said...

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Qadoshyah said...

That is too funny! Farm life is always adventurous, isn't it :)! Romeo is looking so cute.

JennyH said...

What fun! That squirrel is big for a cat. He must love you lots!

Funny story about the goat!

Dalene said...


jennifer... said...

Only at the Urban Farm...

Remember when we all ran out to love on Samson because he looked so cute in the backyard -- only to find that he had been snacking on an expectant mother rabbit? So cute.