Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy birthday Liesel

Well I found the cord, and it was tucked behind the computer all along! So now it's time to catch up on photos. First and foremost, Liesel's birthday....

Ooops. We only had two candles. Jude had the idea to make them into two ones, for 'eleven'. Clever boy.

Her daddy gave her her very own flower garden to plant. Liesel and her cousin had fun planting them on their birthday sleepover. Incidentally don't you remember how much fun sleepovers are for 11 year old girls? It's fun to have cousins close.

We celebrated with a girls night out. Two cousins and two aunts. We went out for Liesel's favorite, sushi (even though she had already eaten sushi with her dad at lunchtime).

Next we went to Starbucks. While the moms enjoyed caramel macchiatos, the girls enjoyed strawberry frappucinos. Yum! We played Headbanz....."Everybody knows but you". You have to guess the word on your head by asking yes and no questions about it.

Lots of laughs were had, especially when Aunt Marlita had "toilet paper" on her forehead.

I am so proud of my girl. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. Happy Birthday, Liesel!


Anonymous said...

What a great time! And a way cool flower garden...great present.


Tesney said...

Love the flower garden! I love to get my hands in the dirt; I think that's the sweetest gift from her daddy!!!

Justine said...

What great pictures of a fun time! Liesel sure is growing into a beautiful young lady.

Also loved the post about Zoya. So happy everything went well. And good luck with the arm restraints.

kirsten said...

Happy Birthday from the Donohues!! Lucy & Annie-Grace give big Hugs....I remember caramel mocciatos days:)))))

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Liesel!!
What a beautiful young lady you are, and what a great birthday you had. Your very own flower can put some beautiful bouquets together for your mom for Mother's Day next month!
Love you, Sweetie,
Aunt Sharon

Shea said...

Happy bday sweet girl!!