Saturday, April 30, 2011

In the last few weeks:

-The cat has disappeared
-I ran over the dog
-We had 3 surgeries and 2 hospitalizations (if you include the dog)
-We went out of state twice
-Joseph had staples in his scalp
-Joseph had the heimlich maneuver performed on him at school
-Several people in our family have been treated for strep throat
-We got a french drain around our house
-I sent two kids to a state level music competition
-We had our last soccer game
-I decided to homeschool one more child next year
-We concluded this year's homeschool group

-We found out we are in the process of getting a new cousin, pictured below.....

Luke the dog is still around and doing just fine. He was supposed to be an outside dog, but well. You know....

Here is the french in the process of being laid. I think Simeon and Joseph have discovered their calling in life.

After watching the workers for two days, Zoya became pretty attached to them and  it was hard for her to see them go. She gave them big hugs, and two kisses on each cheek. Then she kissed their hands. ha

It is so interesting to watch her around people. She will go up to anybody, I mean ANYBODY, and hug store clerks, strangers and church, random kids at school.  In the world of adoption and attachment,  this is considered a bad thing, but I personally love how loving she is. She really knows how to make somebody's day!

The girls like to sit up on Daddy's truck and watch him work in the yard. I thought they were so cute I had to take their picture.

John reminds me more and more of my Grandpa all the time and I LOVE it. He planted a garden in the back and is teaching our kids how to take care of it.

This photo represents the significant progress we have made with Joseph, and I just had to stop and take note, to document how far we have come. Do you remember there was a time when we never would have allowed him near a stack of plates, a full cup of ice water, and a table set with food? He has settled down so much both at home and at school, and has really become such a pleasant and sweet and obedient (for the most part) little boy. Miracles DO happen!

How sweet is this....Zoya was praying for Joseph and Ava the other night, tucking them in bed, and giving them both kisses. She even sang a little lullaby to Joseph. What a blessed mama I am!


Anonymous said...

Great update. So much happening. Your life is full, how wonderful. Miss talking to you though.

Which (extra) child is going to be home schooled?

Let me know if you have any ideas that I need to know about for home schooling.

Hoping to visit with Hannah's mom (Beth) and get ideas from her this fall.


Roberta said...

I heard the kids won their competition!! Congratulations! These photos are priceless! Keep them coming! Love Oma

Lisa (DanielsMommy) said...

You have such a busy...but so very blessed life!!!

Deb D. said...

I love the photo of Lucky sleeping on Hope. It is clear even he adores her. Everybody loves your little Hope. Just observing her in pictures and reading your stories of her I have come to learn that she is a precious little girl, and I love the confident way she carries herself.

So nice to see updated photos of your family. Neat to hear how Joseph is settling in, yet still has his delightful boy charm. Simeon is growing up so much, and I loved the photos of Jude & Liesel on FB. What a dear family you all are, Charissa.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Cammie Heflin said...

Busy busy girl! Zoya looks so good! I can't wait to see her again, I bet she has changed so much! We must get together soon!!! I'm in love with your new niece!!! Precious!

Anonymous said...

Things have calmed down here a bit (Wait, did I just type that? I bet I just jinxed it! What was I thnking!?).

Hope things calm down for you a little, too!

Mindy said...

Hey Charissa!

I'm hoping you might share a link with your readers. Some great friends of mine are adopting from the Ukraine! The just got their "golden ticket" yesterday. They were approved for 3! They are hoping to travel very soon. I made a quilt and donated it for fundraising. For the next 2 weeks each donataion will be assigned entries. Then a drawing held and the quilt given to the winner. I'd love for you to consider sharing this opportunity with your readers.

I have SO enjoyed reading about your family. I started following when you were in country with Ava. What sweet children you have. All of them ;)