Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just had to share this little video I took while I was making dinner tonight. You can hear Joseph and Ava in the background. They like to shake their fingers at each other and say 'NO' for no apparent reason. ha. Zoya and Hope get along pretty well (especially considering they are only four months apart). In fact, Hope told me recently that Zoya is her best friend. :)

Anyway, this wasn't a particularly earth-shattering, funny, or unusual moment, but I just thought it was sweet to see my little girls dancing on the trampoline together, while Joseph and Ava, who are also best buds, scolded each other in the background. And then the dog who is alive and healthy goes strolling by. I was just thinking how much I loved my life, and I had to get up and capture the moment. The loud noise is the beans boiling and the chicken grilling I guess.

I'm glad my 9 year old boy taught me how to use the video camera function on my phone, and how to post it on Youtube. ha. You'll probably be seeing a lot more of these videos now that my kids are teaching me to be more technology savvy.


Deb D. said...

Sweet peek into a happy moment. :-)

MoonDog said...

wait. the dog thats alive and well? nellie? what happened to the little white guy? hope reminds me SOOOOOO much of Maia. actions mannerisms the way she moves. it really is amazing. I should make a movie of Maia and then you can see if YOu think they look similar. maybe its the long blonde hair maybe its being 7. I dont know. I miss you guys. I never even got to meet your kids but I miss them anyways!!!

Alice said...

I love how it is just the ordinary things that make our hearts float.

Anonymous said...

Your dad was right...after your challenging week during Easter time everything came out sunny again. That's our hope for every day. Your kids will always be best buds, b/c you share so much love in your family. Wish I had someone around to show me how to use my high tech stuff, too. :-))

Love you all,
Aunt Sharon

Mindy said...

Am so sorry about all of your pet troubles this week. I know the timing is off but I know your in OK(right?) and I have afriend who found a starving kitten! I thought of how you guys usually go for the underdogs :) please let me know if your interested - she is tiny and was on deaths door but is healing now. email me at mindy soccer fan at yahoo dot com