Monday, July 6, 2009

Dear Princess Snowflake,
(sorry, I meant Gideon),

I hope you have been enjoying your stay here with us here on the farm. You do realize you can go back to wherever you came from whenever you want, right? We are, however, getting awfully attached to you. Even Mr. John said yesterday how glad he was to see you outside chasing mice. I do hope you decide to stay. (Especially since I spent $175 getting you de-flea'ed, de-wormed, and vaccinated). You may not like us too much though after your surgery next week. Did I forget to mention that?

I'm sorry we keep referring to you as a "she". We can't help it. You just look so little doll dresses and hairbows. Thanks for being such a good sport about it.

We love you,
The Urban Family
P.S. Just a friendly reminder-You are an outside cat!


Terra said...

I cannot stop laughing! HILARIOUS!!

Susan said...

That's one docile and cooperative kitty! My cousins once had a cat who didn't mind modeling doll clothes - looks as if you have another such cat. Good for the girls for being so gentle with Gideon/Snowflake,too. Cats know who loves them!

Susan in Ky
Cousin to Two from Ukraine (and companion to Charlie-Cat)

kirsten said...

too funny!

Larsen Family said...

I think He (she) looks great in a dress. I used to do the same thing with my kittens at my grandparents farm. I would sneak them in the house when grandpa was asleep in his chair in the afternoon and dress them. So many memories.

Molly said...

I am cracking up at your kids! That is one pretty man-cat!

Natalie said...

My arms would be shredded and bloody if I tried that with either of my indoor kitties. Too funny that your outdoor cat allows the kids to do that!


My name is Sarah said...

Oh that is so cute.

Yvonne said...

Can I just say from a woman who works passionately with unwanted dogs & cats (as you do with the un wanted human kind) THANK for you making Mr Gideon your own and even if he is an "outside" kitty that you would take the time to vaccinated & have him neutered! You have NO idea how many unwated kitties WILL NOT be a product of you kindness to this cat! I thank you, Mr. Gideon thanks you......The Humane Society of Tulsa thanks you!!!