Saturday, July 18, 2009

Future wedding slideshow photos and stories

Two years ago, when Hope and Ashton were 2 and 3, they kissed each other. It was really cute and innocent. The problem is, they both have older brothers and sisters who will never let them forget it happened. Ashton's parents are our good friends, so on the 4th of July weekend our two families set up tents on our property and "camped out" together (Dads and kids in tents and Moms and babies in the house). When my friend Jill came out last week (Hi Jill!), Hope said to her:

"Hey guess what? I slept with a boy and kissed him on the lips!"

Three years later these two are still just as fond of one another. I asked Ashton recently why he holds Hope's hand all the time. He said, "Because I love her. I'm going to marry her someday."

Yesterday I got to babysit Ashton and his three brothers. Hope and Ashton went to the barn and found our first egg!!! You would have thought the rapture had come by all the whooping and hollering that was heard over this brown egg. But what does one do with the very first egg? It turns out there was quite a controversy over what should be done. I felt like it would be perfect in some blueberry muffins. John thought it would be best in an omelette. A couple of the children thought it should stay in the barn to be raised by its mother.

But these two decided to make a "nest" out of feathers and put it under a heating lamp (AKA big brother's bedside reading lamp) and insisted that it was "going to hatch any minute-and be quiet-it's moving.....Oh wait, it is cracking." With a little help from a 4yr. old and 5 yr. old, it did crack alright. I can't even begin to describe the utter disappointment these two experienced when they saw that there was no fluffy yellow chick after all but only a gooey mess.

Is it terrible that I keep collecting photos like these and labeling them:

"For Hope and Ashton's wedding video" ?


Tina said...

How sweet Charissa, and you are doing a fantastic job of capturing the moments on camera. I have much to learn from you, especially the need to take more photos...hence why our blog has so few :) Thanks for sharing.

Larsen Family said...

You never know. They could end up married someday. Having the pictures handy is the only smart thing to do.

The Spicer Family said...

Hi Charissa!! You forgot to mention that I thought it was so cute that Hope said it!! Now that I've seen how cute he is I definitely think you need to save those pictures for the wedding video (do you think we'll call it a wedding video then??)!!

Love you guys!!


Anonymous said...

You never know. Better to be prepared, just in case. He may be psychic!


Pan Cratius said...

How many cows did he pay for Hope?

alicia said...

thats sweet!

kirsten said...

very, very cute.