Sunday, October 3, 2010

My new normal

Joseph had two appointments last week with the cardiologist and the audiologist.

Here is a story about 30 minutes in the waiting room at the ENT (Eyes Nose Throat Dr.) office. Have I mentioned he is a busy boy? I had two people in the audiologist waiting room, and again another at the cardiologist, point this out to me. "My he's a busy boy, isn't he?" "He must keep you on your toes." "Is he always this hyper?" Yikes. Yes!

Note to self: Purchase a little point and shoot camera with flash to carry in my purse. Camera phones really stink!

Here is the little sunken waiting area in the waiting room of the ENT's office. It is full of toys. What do you see? A nice row of comfortable chairs where children can sit and watch cartoons on the screen in front of them. What does Joseph see? "Stairs" to climb over to get to styrofoam cup that the man in blue is drinking from.

What do you see? More comfortable chairs to sit on and read books, or perhaps a table for children to play at. 

Joseph sees beyond the toys and the chairs, and sees the black scrolly decorations on the wall, and challenges himself to remove one or two. He also looks at the side table and sees, not the children's books, but the brochures, which he dumps out and then tosses in the air. He thinks he's funny and laughs at himself.

What's this? A nice receptionist sitting at a desk? Nope! A counter full of business cards and brochures, and even some really neat pens are disguised as flowers in a vase which he finagled and later attempted to use to write on a man's arm.

Lucky for me and him both, he is still awfully cute, and the people in the waiting area seemed to think so too. By the way, if a random little boy in the waiting room of a doctor's office came and sat by you, gave you his sad puppy dog eyes, and indicated that he wanted a drink of your soda, would you oblige him?

Surprisingly, there are at least two people in Oklahoma who would.

We are so thankful his heart is healthy according to the echocardiogram! However, he failed his hearing test badly, so the next step is to meet with the ENT. He will likely need ear tubes.


Justine said...

Ugggh! I feel for you. Tim is also a master at getting "pop" from other people. I finally discovered that he just loves the bubbles and he is happy with carbonated water (yuck!)

Happy that Joseph's heart is good! Of course with his energy level it has to be. Praying for you!

P.S. I started a blog finally. I meant to email you, but forgot.

Jill said...

Poor you! That must be tough being able to keep things relatively calm. Poor Joseph on not being able to hear well. :(

Lisa (DanielsMommy) said...

Charissa, I feel for you my friend. My Daniel is EXACTLY the same way. My husband and I jokingly refer to him as the TORNADO. I hear they grow out of it....but I"m still waiting :).

Cammie Heflin said...

Oh Joseph, you little stinker!! I have a gift coming to you soon, maybe it will slow your motor!!! So thankful to hear about his heart!!! Ear tubes will be great, thankfully it's during colder weather so you don't have to worry about the hose water!

Anonymous said...

You know I have had more people tell me I need to have Sawyer tested for ADHD. They just look at me like I have 10 eye balls or something when I tell them Turner is my hyper one.

Because when Sawyer is in a new place, he gets over stimulated and has to see everything. At home, he is NOT that way.

Turner is just the opposite especially at Doctor's offices where I usually get the comments. He's scared and therefore gets this deer in the headlights look about him. but at home or mall or other places he's familiar with...OMG...he never stops and would be the one taking down pictures off the wall and having things turn over on him and just basically stressing this momma out.

I just use a LOT of redirection when I'm out and carry a bag with crayons and books and toys and hope to goodness I have a crowd of folks who are understanding.

Glad his heart is good and hope you get those ears taken care of soon. Then he can't use the 'sorry mom, didn't hear you' excuse.


Good Goats said...

Charissa, you are one of the recipients of the Sunshine Award. You can read more about it here -

Roberta said...

Wish I could have been there to help chase him around or at least to take pictures!! Does he like to put pieces of anything together, or just take them apart? Can he do big puzzles? I thought I saw a picture of him at the orphanage putting together puzzles with his nanny. Maybe these could be just for when you go to Dr. or other public visits like therapy. You will figure something out!! So glad for the heart news!!

Alana said...

I am laughing so hard because we recognize that ENT waiting room and I have experienced similar distuction by both of my children there! Keep in mind that only ONE has Down syndrome. ;) They are the sweetest people! Hopefully your audiologist was not the old lady b/c she is um....well, not the best with kids. Lucy sees her coming and says "No, not you...OUT!" I have to laugh, because I feel the same way. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, this is so Izabella. This is exactly how she views waiting rooms and such! Someone else's coke can? No problem, just smile sweetly, grab and run, drinking as you move because you know Mommy is screeching behind you. LOL. You just have to laugh.... and take camera phone pictures to post later to make all the other mommies say "oh thank goodness I'm not alone"