Friday, February 25, 2011

 Joseph loves the farm. He loves being outside. I think he loves life in general.

He loves the dogs.

And the pony.
He loves exploring.

And most of all, he loves when his daddy gets home from work.

We've been thanking the Lord for more sunny days lately! Perfect weather for hanging out with the horses.That winter storm a few weeks ago was brutal! Of course now we're dealing with a lot of mud in our van, on the porch, on our shoes, and even in the house....Yuck.

Simeon and his friend Mason have been buddies since they were born! I have always found it a little eerie how much they look alike. I wish I could find pictures of them, looking like identical twins sitting together on a little blanket. Eeerie, I tell ya! I noticed the last time we had Mason over that he has had a little bit of a growth spurt and he is now taller than Simeon. I'm not sure Simeon was too happy about that, considering he is three months older.

Jude says, "Hey look, Mom...I'm Uncle Steve!"
Heh heh.


Pan Cratius said...

Thanks Charissa for these postings, these records of the journey, few ever get to see, not even in their imagination.

MoonDog said...

joseph looks like he has grown. our driveway isnt that long but the kids love to run down and meet Daddy at the bottom. they all pile in the prius and drive to the garage. your photo of John coming home is too cute.

The McEacherns said...

Happy boy! (and a cute pony, too!)

Rohan said...

It's a beautiful thing to see Joseph exploring the outdoors.

Amanda said...

Hello, I am working on a montage of children who are adopted from RR, I was curious as to if I could use a picture of your sweet Ava, Joseph, and Zoya?
Email me at