Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today I took a kid to the dentist, another kid to the doctor, and made a trip to the emergency room which ended up resulting in minor surgery. (On top of that I changed four diapers, fed 7 children three meals, gave nine medications and did two dressing changes.) It's been a busy day!

Zoya has been developing this 'thing' on her belly button. Red, swollen, portruding. Remember she had an incision on her belly button from the laparoscopic surgery for the G-tube placement in December, so we knew it was either an infection or a hernia. We have been snowed in and unable to get her to the doctor until today. The pediatrician sent us to the ER thinking it was a strangulated hernia but the surgeon took one look at it and said it was an abscess that just needed to be opened and drained.

So, after a minor operation with sedation, she is now home and sleeping soundly in her little bed. Praise the Lord it was just a little minor thing and she is doing well.

Here is a sweet little picture from the hospital that I wanted to share. Joseph climbed up in her hospital bed and started kissing her little hand...spontaneously. How sweet are they!!

Whoever thought adopting older, institutionalized orphaned children would 'ruin our family'....Well, they were sure wrong!! Love these kids!


Mel said...

LOVE that pic!!! So happy that Zoya is doing well. What a blessing!

Melissa said...

Sooooo Sweet! Glad she will be ok, and glad you were dug out! We were snowed in for a few days too.

I love the last little bit to your post, re; older kids.




Kristy said...

Love love that picture, you can see the love right through their little faces!!!! All in a days work whew that was a busy day!

debi said...

What a wonderful family, what a wonderful mom you are. I love hearing tales of little Joseph and Zoya. God bless you. All of you.

Molly said...

I love your family so much and am enjoying catching up on reading your blog. Miss you guys...so thankful I can *see* you here!

Anonymous said...

I loved listening to her prayers. She has grown so much. Her english is sooo good. My favorite part is the AMEN!-) I understood some of it. But, beyond what she was saying you could see her heart. She is such a blessing. I am so very glad she is part of your family.

jennifer... said...

You're right. That is the sweetest thing in the world!

Hey, why don't you open your own your own clinic right there in your home???

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