Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Dance

Last night was the Father-Daughter Valentine Dance for Zoya and Hope for their school. It was originally scheduled for last Friday while we were all snowed in and rescheduled for last night.

John was a little worn out when he got home last night. He mentioned something about a bunch of little girls high on sugar and overstimulated by very loud music. :) But he had a great time, and so did the girls.

I did send the camera with John in hopes that he would come back with some sweet photos.  I should have known that if I wanted pictures I should have gone uninvited and taken them myself! Oh, well, at least I got a few pre-dance photos. :)


Mary said...

Awww what lovely photos!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the last one, daddy with his two little princesses.

Anonymous said...



Deb D. said...

Sweet! Such happy girls and a Daddy who clearly loves them. I love Hope's expression on the pic where John is kissing her. She seems so comfortable and confident in his love.

Monica said...

Beautiful pictures! I always smile when I see how happy Zoya seems to be.


Anonymous said...

Great memories!!!!


Anonymous said...

These are precious...and yes, John looks tired, but nothing a few kisses from his girls won't take care of.

Aunt Sharon

Koen said...

Nothing like Daddy's little girls. Almost 40 and it's still the same:) John is a great dad, and your family is so special and dear to us. Miss you all.